The Manufacturing Excellence Forum Sunshine Coast (MEFSC) team hosted their monthly collaboration event at the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) Sunshine Coast school which celebrated the opportunities within the manufacturing industry.

Tim Kelly, Director of MEFSC, remarked, “This event exemplifies the power of partnerships and the transformative impact they can have on manufacturing.”

The evening showcased the exceptional collaboration between the AITC, Bella Manufacturing, and Eniquest, drawing industry leaders, businesses, and the community together for a night of hands-on learning.

Tim added, “It’s inspiring to see the cooperation between education and industry.”

A highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the Domino’s food truck (one of only nine in the world), which is a stunning display of craftsmanship built by Bella Manufacturing. Tim noted, “The food truck is a testament to Bella Manufacturing’s dedication to excellence and creativity in design.”

Nick Harrison, Principal of the AITC Maroochydore, expressed his pride in the event’s success. “Our collaboration with the MEFSC, Bella Manufacturing and Eniquest has been invaluable,” he said.

“Seeing an alumnus like Connor Wright (sheetmetal worker — first class), now part of the Bella Manufacturing team working on the Domino’s pizza truck, is a perfect example of the opportunities we provide to our students.”

The event also offered attendees a look at the latest tools Bosch has on offer and an exclusive tour of the AITC’s school facilities.

The AITC tour showcased the College’s commitment to shaping the future of manufacturing through education and hands-on training.

Nick commented, “Our programs enable students to gain experience working with leaders in manufacturing, ensuring they are well-prepared for the industry’s challenges.”

Andrew Blair, CEO of Bella Manufacturing, shared his thoughts on the night, saying, “It was great to be a part of the event and witness the enthusiasm for manufacturing from the community and industry alike. We believe in the power of collaboration and education, and events like this demonstrate the limitless potential of our industry.”

Feedback from attendees was resoundingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for the young AITC ambassadors, Carlin, Brody, Nate, Claudine and Inez, who led them on a tour of the school during the event. It was evident these young individuals exuded confidence when conveying how the AITC had been instrumental in shaping their industry pathways. Attendees were impressed by the students’ ability to articulate how the College had significantly contributed to their personal and professional development, further emphasising the impact of the AITC’s educational programs on the future of manufacturing in the community.

The night celebrated the remarkable achievements that can be attained through innovation, collaboration, and education in manufacturing.

It served as an inspiration to all involved in the industry, emphasising the importance of partnerships between educational institutions and industry leaders in propelling manufacturing forward. As the industry looks ahead, it’s clear these collaborations will continue to shape the future of manufacturing for the better.

For young individuals starting their journey in the manufacturing industry on the Sunshine Coast, there are abundant pathways that offer valuable work experience and skill development. “The advanced manufacturing scene is hot on the Sunshine Coast and we believe this is a significant growth industry for young people to explore”, said Tanou Siebenmann, Industry Operations Manager”.

Many local businesses actively engage with aspiring young talent, providing internships, apprenticeships, and work experience programs. These initiatives not only offer a hands-on introduction to the world of manufacturing but also pave the way for promising careers.

The collaboration between the AITC and industry leaders, such as Bella Manufacturing and Eniquest, plays a crucial role in creating these opportunities. With guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals, the next generation of manufacturers can gain the knowledge and expertise required to make a significant impact in the industry while contributing to the growth of the local manufacturing sector on the Sunshine Coast.