Due to the late start of the school year as required by the state government, the 2022 January Rookies Program has been delayed.

The Rookies Program is a mandatory requirement for all new starters and includes three distinct elements.

  • Industry Preparation (on campus)
  • Rookies Challenge (at Emu Gully in the Lockyer Valley)
  • Industry Ready Training (on campus and/or at TAFE)

The Rookies program begins prior to commencement at the College. Industry Preparation is completed Wednesday to Friday two weeks before term starts. Rookies Challenge is completed Monday to Friday, the week before term commences. Industry Ready Training is completed during the Rookies’ first term at the College.

Designed for new starters with the AITC, the Rookies Program is a transition course that welcomes and prepares young people to the unique AITC model. Immediately preceding your young person’s commencement with the College, the program includes training in workplace health and safety, character and values, employability skills, and the importance of community, and aims to equip rookies with the skills and tools they need to excel at school and in the industry of their choice.

Missing any aspect of the Rookies Program will significantly impact your young person’s ability to participate in industry activities until they have completed all mandatory training and preparation. This could restrict them from participating in work experience and other industry activities for the entirety of their first term at the College.