Start your career before you finish Year 12

AITC graduates can have up to 30% of their industry qualification completed by the end of Year 12.

The Australian School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATs) is designed to allow the young people of the AITC to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship in industry while completing their senior education.

The AITC will facilitate the transition from school to a career in industry through an Australian School-based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SATs).

Following a pre-apprenticeship training program that includes first aid, tool and equipment knowledge and use, employability skills and OH&S, they commence their trade career via structured work experience that culminates in selection by the employer as apprentice or trainee.

At the completion of their two years at the AITC their SATs is typically converted into a full-time apprenticeship with their employer with up to one third of their apprenticeship completed.

Besides the most commonly sought after industry jobs including building and construction, automotive and engineering, the AITC can offer you over 600 apprenticeships and traineeships at our Gold CoastRedlandsSunshine Coast, Toowoomba or Ipswich campuses – be brave and explore!

To view the A – Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Industry Areas brochure please click here.

For an A – Z list of apprenticeships or traineeships and more details on your chosen occupation, visit: Apprenticeships or Traineeships

Some of the popular Apprenticeships and Traineeships on offer at the AITC

  • Carpentry– Do you enjoy working with timber and being creative? Many building project managers started their trade jobs in a carpentry apprenticeship before expanding their trade careers. A carpentry apprenticeship may well be your best choice.
  • Plumbing– Plumbers don’t just fix water pipes; they also connect gas and are the first trade job on a new building site. Sounds like you? Maybe you should consider a plumbing apprenticeship.
  • Hairdressing– Do you want a career that is financially secure and stable, where you can use your creative flair and mix with people from all walks of life? Then a hairdressing apprenticeship could be just right for you.
  • Chef– Are you creative, have lots of imagination, and want a career that can take you around the world? Perhaps being a chef is the trade career for you.
  • Electrical– Have an eye for numbers and want to be at the cutting edge of technology? Choose to start your electrical apprenticeship at the Australian Industry Trade College.

Not sure what trades are available or where you might be best suited?

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