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Our College provides a unique two to three-year program for young people in Years 10 to 12 that focusses on:

  • developing character and values
  • academic and enterprise skills
  • employability skills
  • industry readiness

We are the only school in Queensland where students spend half the term in the classroom and half the term in work experience, work placement, training or a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship.

Our program is designed to progressively develop employability skills and achieve individualised learning goals, whilst also meeting the requirements of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Our aim is to seamlessly blend senior education and vocational training to engage young people in purposeful learning experiences with real world industry relevance.

The AITC program broadly has four components:

1. Rookies Program

Every new entrant into the AITC must complete the Rookies program.  It has 3 important phases and allows each young person to discover their pathway forward.

  1. Be Prepared (Orientation days) The Rookies program begins with a 2-day orientation at their selected campus. It is completed before each young person attend the Rookies Challenge and help orientate them to their campus and fellow new peers.
  2. Rookie Challenge is a 3-5 day adventure learning experience at Emu Gully Adventure Education. (Lockyer Valley). All new entrants are required to complete the Rookies Challenge as part of their induction to the AITC.
  3. Be Ready Training is completed during the Rookies’ first term at the College within their industry weeks.  Young people will experience a range of industry activities that are designed to help expand the young person view of the world of work and learn more about a range of industries and their opportunities.  This will include workplace visits, community service opportunities, TAFE training, white card safety card careers advice, safety skills and all preparing them for their first work experience.

Designed for new starters with the AITC, the Rookies Program is a transition course that welcomes and prepares young people to the unique AITC model. Immediately preceding your young person’s commencement with the College, the program includes training in workplace health and safety, character and values, employability skills, and the importance of community, and aims to equip rookies with the skills and tools they need to excel at school and in the industry of their choice.

2. Education Block

Education Block comprises 5 weeks on campus each term. The AITC prides itself on offering students industry education aligned with the Australian Curriculum (ACARA). The education program has been developed to support the functional education and skills that AITC young people will require to succeed in the workplace.

Most young people at the AITC undertake a three-year education program to complete their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Read more about our curriculum here. 

3. Industry Block

Each term, team members spend five to seven weeks engaged in a range of work-based experiences that enhance their learning when they participate in training and employment as an apprentice or trainee. Industry Block is made up of a range of industry-based experiences and an employability skills program. Some of these activities include:

  • Mentoring/Coaching: Industry Consultants from the AITC work with young people to guide them through the employment process and provide assistance in areas such as resume writing, making phone calls to employers, and interview techniques.
  • Trade Taster: The AITC partners with local organisations to provide the opportunity for young people to sample a range of trades.
  • Pre-Employment Training: Before young people engage in work placement, they engage in a structured training program to learn the basic skills they need to be able to participate safely and productively. This training is at a Certificate I or II level, delivered by a registered training organisation.
  • Work Placements: Our young people engage in a range of work placements to engage them in their industry of choice. These vary in length, give young people real world experience in the workplace, and establish connections that may launch careers.
  • Employability Skills Training: Based upon the Core Skills for Work Framework, this training is embedded within the College’s onsite and offsite program to provide the foundation skills young people need to be successful in the workplace.
4. Sign Up


Along with Graduation, a young person’s sign-up is one of the two defining achievements of their journey while at the AITC. A Sign-Up is the young person’s official transition from unpaid work experience, potentially with a variety of employers across a range of industries, to a paid apprentice or trainee with a single employer. This significant event is celebrated by the College for every young person who is signed up. It means that the employer is confident enough in the skills and values of the young person that they are willing to offer them employment, not just through to graduation, but beyond as a full-time apprentice or trainee, and potentially into the future as a qualified tradesperson.

The Sign-Up is an official event that includes the young person and their AITC Industry Consultant (IC), the employer and Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider. Both the employer and young person sign a contract, committing to one another as employer and apprentice or trainee. The AASN provides advice and support for the young person regarding their apprenticeship or traineeship, particularly after graduation from the AITC.

What is an Industry Consultant?

Every young person at the AITC has an Industry Consultant. This person provides support and advice regarding all aspects of the young person’s industry activities, and will normally have experience and a network of contacts within a particular range of industries. The IC is a young person’s first point of contact any time they have questions or concerns about the industry journey.

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