Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) have been established by the Australian Government to provide industry with a strong, more strategic voice in ensuring Australia’s VET sector delivers better outcomes for learners and employers. Strengthening the role of industry and empowering it to drive reforms to Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) system is key to ensuring employers and individuals can access the right skills at the right time. Industries need a strong, strategic voice in VET to drive collaboration across sectors, address strategic workforce challenges and ensure qualifications are developed and updated faster to meet their evolving needs. The Australian Government has committed to delivering a collaborative, tripartite VET sector that brings employers, unions and governments together to find solutions to skills and workforce challenges.

On August 1st 2023, the Australian Industry Trade College was accepted as an associate member of the Mining & Automotive Skills Alliance. As a Member of the Mining and Automotive Skills Alliance (AUSMASA), the AITC will have the opportunity to influence positive change in national skills and workforce development ensuring our part of industry is represented. Membership provides a unique opportunity for a seat at the table with industry, governments, and educators, to help meet the mining and automotive industries’ workforce capability requirements. As a member, we will have opportunities for the AITC to be represented in collaboration with industry peers and participate on industry committees and specialist advisory groups, shaping how technology and training can influence learners and the workforce of the future.