Can my son or daughter join in Year 12?

Students may apply in Year 12, however, there are limited places available and additional requirements will be requested to process the application.

What trades are available?

Your young person can train in any nationally recognised trade course that is offered in the A-Z of Apprenticeship and Traineeship Areas brochure.

A copy of this brochure will be provided at the information sessions.

What time does the College start and finish?

College starts at 8:20am every day, and finishes at 2:50pm Monday and Friday. College finishes at 3:30pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as young people have tutorials.

Can my son or daughter change their industry choice once enrolled?

Yes. AITC young people can try a range of industry areas if their original choice turns out to be unsuitable for them or not what they expected; however, we prefer to see our young people decide on their area of interest by the end of the first Semester in Year 11.

Who sources the work experience placements?

Our Industry Team assist young people in finding their initial work experience placement when they first join the College, however it is expected that young people become capable of managing this themselves.  Our Industry Team will provide support and guidance on how to do this until young people can confidently speak to an employer and request a work placement.

Do students get paid for work experience?

Young people do not get paid for work experience. Work experience is designed to provide unskilled young people the opportunity to gain confidence and an understanding of the trade. Once a young person is signed up as an apprentice, they will be paid for their time.

Do I need to purchase stationery and books?

We provide all books, stationery and textbooks. Young people will only need to bring their laptop and a stocked pencil case and ruler.

Is there homework and assignments?

Homework is rarely set, as the curriculum is designed to be completed while in College. Similarly, all assignments are completed during College hours. No College work is required to be completed while young people are in their industry block. We believe the focus should be on the job at hand, so young people are encouraged to concentrate on school work while in their education block, and on their work while in their industry block.

Can international students study at the AITC?

Unfortunately we are not registered to accept international students, other than young people from New Zealand.

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