Not all schools are the same. We’re deliberately different.

The Australian Industry Trade College came into being because young people needed us and Australia did too.

And so we got started. On rethinking how we educate, equip and empower. On challenging the status-quo and redefining measures of success. On celebrating the path less celebrated and closing a growing gap.

We started helping young people to find their purpose and proudly pursue a pathway in industry, at school. Some might call it a trade. We prefer profession. For us, it’s simply about finding what fits; about loving what you do.

Our footprint was smaller then, our impact and reach is far greater now.

Before opening our doors in 2006, we thought long and hard about who we needed to be and the role we could play in the education and employment landscape. We spoke to educators and to industry, and saw the options available to technically talented, bright minded young people diminish as thinking narrowed around what constitutes ‘clever’ and the ‘best’ path to success.

That was more than 15 years ago and we’ve come a long way since then. Like our young people, we’ve evolved, navigated challenges, experienced setbacks and enjoyed great successes. Much has changed, but during this time one thing has endured and that’s our commitment to young people and our passion for industry.

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Who we are


First commencing in 2006 as an RTO, the Australian Trade College (ATC) becomes a school in 2008.


We transition from the ATC to the AITC, the Australian Industry Trade College. 110 young people graduate and pursue a pathway in industry.


+ Gold Coast school - The AITC moves to Scottsdale Drive in Robina, where it remains today.


Our impact expands; Year 10 is introduced.


+ Redlands school - AITC Redlands opens, welcoming more than 90 young people.


+ Sunshine Coast school - We move further across the south east corner, opening in Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast. 10 Year Strategic Plan launched.


+ Toowoomba school - Our fourth school sees us head west to Toowoomba. More than 50 young people join the AITC ranks.


+ Ipswich school - Our Ipswich school opens to 70 plus young people.


+ Brisbane school- The AITC takes its place in a major city centre with a new school opening in Spring Hill, Brisbane in 2022.

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