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There is no more important investment decision than the education of young people.

As a College, we are proud to be deliberately different in providing:

  • a unique industry education curriculum to our young people, with up to 27 weeks per year in industry supported by a team of dedicated industry professionals
  • highly qualified, passionate and experienced staff delivering tailored employment journeys and industry-based learning to achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)
  • ten employability metrics to prepare young people for the world of work
  • an extensive network of industry leaders and local businesses for work experience and employment opportunities
  • specialist support staff
  • a warm and inclusive wellbeing culture
  • deliberately smaller class sizes (up to 25 per class for core subjects)
  • a commitment to continue to work with your young person towards achieving an employment outcome beyond their graduation date.

Detailed below are the fees and discounts available for the current school year.

Application Fee

A non-refundable fee of $110 charged and payable up-front prior to receiving an offer for enrolment.

Admission Fee

An enrolment confirmation of $550 is payable per student at confirmation of enrolment. No refund of this fee shall be made by the AITC should a student fail to utilise a confirmed place. This fee is not deducted from the tuition fees.

Tuition Fees Schedule (2024)

Please note that the Academy fees as listed below are applicable for Year 11 and 12 only. Year 10 students in these programs pay the standard fees for their respective AITC school/campus.

Whilst the table shows our annual school fees, fees for mid-year enrolments are applied pro-rata. Term fees can be calculated by dividing the annual fees by 4.

Location Program Yearly Fees
Energy Academy$9769
Equine Academy$9769
Digital Technologies Academy$9769
Protech Academy$9769
Gold CoastStandard$8599
Boating Industry Academy$9124
Digital Technologies Academy$9124
Equine Academy$9124
Digital Technologies Academy$9124
Sunshine CoastStandard$7831
Digital Technologies Academy$8356
Energy Academy$8356
Equine Academy$8356
Digital Technologies Academy$7833
Equine Academy$7833
Digital Technologies Academy$7833
Equine Academy$7833

The AITC offer a range of payment options to assist families in managing the financial commitment of their young person attending the College.

These options include:

  • BPAY
  • Credit Card/EFTPOS (Over the phone or at the school)
  • EdStart & EdStart Extend
  • Futurity Investment Group
  • Via the Parent Portal – “Make a Payment”
  • Via the Parent Portal – “Payment Schedule”

Please read the below document which details further information regarding our fees.

Tuition Fee Payment Options

Parent Lounge Information re: Fee Payments

Fees are reviewed and set each year by the AITC Board and are subject to an annual increase. The AITC Board are committed to a moderate fee level which provides excellent value for money.

*AITC school fees differ based on establishment phase of the school.
**Early payment discount.

The AITC has an all-inclusive fee policy.

Annual fees are inclusive of:

  • all compulsory activities
  • textbooks
  • school student accident insurance
  • industry guidance and coaching services
  • Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses
  • full-year program

Additional fees not included above:

  • laptops (AITC is a BYOD school)
  • travel expenses
  • school uniform
  • personal safety equipment
  • other optional activities, such as the Cambodia International Service Project
  • Early Payment Discount: A 5% discount will be applied to the tuition fee if full payment of the student’s annual fee has been received on or prior to 3 February 2023.
  • Sibling Discount: A sibling discount is available if one or more siblings, normally residing in the same residence, attend an AITC school at the same time. A $500 discount (on tuition fees only) per additional sibling applies to the second sibling, and other subsequent siblings, who are also currently enrolled.

The AITC, together with the AITC Board set fees on an annual basis and the Board reserves the right to change fees at any time if necessary.

Tuition fees are billed annually with statements issued in January.

The AITC cannot provide education to students where fee payments are outstanding. It is a policy of the AITC that a student may not take her/his place at the school at the start of a term where fees for a previous term remain unpaid.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible payment options to our community. The College will take every reasonable action to assist families to manage financial commitments, including:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly
  • Per term; and
  • Annual payments

Organisations such as Edstart, help give families greater flexibility with school fee payments. Further details on their product offerings are available at


Watch this brief video or visit www.edstart.com.au/aitc to learn more.

Learn more by reading this Edstart Flyer.

For further details regarding payment options and methods, please contact the Finance team directly to discuss your individual circumstances – email fees@aitc.qld.edu.au or phone 07 3153 5131.

Excerpt from the AITC Tuition Fee Policy
Payment of Tuition Fees

  • Tuition Fees are due upon the commencement of each term.
  • Tuition fees are billed annually with statements issued in January. Accounts must be paid in full on or before the due dates.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the College, all parents/guardians to the Enrolment Contract as signatories are jointly and severally liable for payment of all fees and charges levied by the College. Should any fees or charges not be paid by the due date then the young person’s enrolment may be cancelled by the Director of Industry Education.
  • Where the annual fees are paid in full and your account is in credit, you can request a refund in writing. The method of refund is by direct credit into your nominated bank account.
  • Application and admission charges are not refundable.

The financial operations of the AITC relies on the prompt payment of fees. The AITC offer a range of payment options that offer greater efficiency for the AITC while providing convenience to families.

Parents unable to make payments prior to the due date must make arrangements with the Principal prior to the commencement of each Semester. While the AITC is supportive of families in difficult financial circumstances, it is still an expectation that families make every effort to pay the full fees and that families respond to all communications in this regard.

In cases where reminder notices are persistently ignored or arrangements to meet the arrears are not met, the AITC will pursue legal action to recover outstanding fees and ongoing enrolment will be reviewed.

All payment arrangements cannot be assumed as continuing and must be reviewed annually.

The AITC requires one full term’s written notice to the Principal of a student’s withdrawal from the school, or fees in lieu of notice will be charged.

Where a student is withdrawn from the AITC to commence employment or full time apprenticeship, a fee of $1000 will also be charged.

Excerpt from the AITC Tuition Fee Policy

  • Written notice, one full term in advance, is required if you wish to cancel/withdraw a young person from the College once they have attended. If one term’s notice is not given you must nevertheless pay to the AITC one full term’s fees.
  • The College commits resources on the basis of confirmed enrolments and will most likely suffer financial loss from early termination of a young person’s enrolment. The College may also have difficulty filling the young person’s position at short notice.
  • In the case that a young person’s enrolment is cancelled due to serious misconduct then the parent/guardian must pay fees for the whole of the term in which the young person’s enrolment is cancelled, but is not required to give the required one term’s notice.
  • Where a young person is withdrawn from the College to commence employment or a full time apprenticeship, a fee will also be charged. This fee takes into account the training and support that the College has provided to enable the student to obtain employment or full time apprenticeship.


  • During any period in which a young person is absent from the College, parents will continue to be liable for fees payable.


This webpage is intended to provide general information about Edstart’s services only. Before acting on such information, you should engage with Edstart or another organisation in order to thoroughly understand their credit services having regard to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs.

We receive no direct financial benefit from Edstart or any other organisation; the arrangement exists between those companies and parents.

The CEO of Edstart is a Non-Executive Director on the Board of the AITC and this declared interest is carefully managed in accordance with the AITC Board’s Declaration of Interest and Related Party Transactions Policy.

The Tuition Fee Policy is available upon request.

Why should ALL parents/legal guardians complete the application and/or sign the contract?

It is best for all parents/legal guardians to be aware of and agree to the submission of an application beforehand for several reasons. If only one parent/legal guardian provides details and signs the contract, they will be fully liable for the payment of fees. If there is no legal impediment (such as a Court Order) restricting communication, the second parent/legal guardian can request – and expect to receive from the AITC – all communications regarding the young person.

Should siblings, step-parents or grandparents complete the application and/or sign the contract?

Unless a sibling, step-parent, grandparent or other carer is also a legal guardian of the young person, they should not complete the application or sign the contract; however, they can be included as an emergency contact. Additionally, the parents/legal guardians are welcome to share communications with other parties as they choose.

Bring a Mate (BAM) Program

Our current families are a key contributor to the fabric of the AITC community and play an active role in the introduction of new families to the College.

Your discussions with family and friends about your AITC experience, and your active word of mouth referrals mean so much to us. To celebrate and thank you for your recommendation, the AITC has the Bring a Mate program.

We offer current students and their mate $50 each* when they successfully commence at Australian Industry Trade College.

Here’s how it works:
  • You or your parents talk to family and friends about the great experience at the AITC.
  • They mention you as the enquiry source in the online Application Form (see image below).
  • They commence at the College.
  • Current* and referred young people receive a $50 EFTPOS Card each at the next school Roof Shout.
  • Put the $50 EFTPOS Card towards education and/or employment (e.g., AITC uniform, industry work wear, technology/stationery, transport, tools).

* Includes young people who graduated the AITC less than twelve months prior.

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