I write with reference to the above listed and wish to provide some feedback about our experience to date. I would be happy for you to pass this feedback onto anyone who you believe would benefit.

You may remember that I had a little hesitation in my young person's enrolment as he is looking for a pathway into Not-for-profit/Philanthropy studies.

When we initially contacted AITC and subsequently attended a few information sessions and had 1-1 meetings, I expressed my concerns about him being very disconnected from his current school's community. He was finding it very hard to engage with the curriculum as he couldn't seem to match activities such as Romeo and Juliet studies to real life skills.

This was our main driver to move him to AITC. I can tell you with absolute certainty that this decision was a great one!

Since he has returned from camp, he has more confidence, is excited about his future and has gained an enormous sense of self-drive. Even down to really menial tasks that he previously would avoid such as catching public transport, meeting new people etc.

Today, he is off to his first class at TAFE in Ashmore. He woke up, got ready, Googled how to get there by bus and train and he was off. This is such a change to how he was previously. I can't begin to explain the contrast in his general manner and overall attitude to learning. I am so incredibly grateful.

He has been talking nonstop about the camp and all the things he learnt from World War 1 to how to introduce yourself to a new person. Life skills that will go on to help him succeed for many years to come!

He has also regularly commented on numerous staff being genuinely interested in his chosen pathway. He feels that you believe in him and has built a wonderful rapport with Davina very early on - amazing!

He is doing the majority of his work experience placement at my work for this block. He has been amazing! Shook hands with everyone, introduced himself beautifully and speaks so proudly of being a member of AITC.

My CEO commented that he is a polite and delightful young man and a pleasure to have in the office, he is literally a different child!

I wanted to thank you most gratefully for everyone who has played a part in his journey so far (including the incredible leaders at camp). We still have 2 years ahead of us and I hope that he will maintain his momentum. In the meantime, with thanks to all of you, he is off to an incredible start.

Thank you all so very much.

Parent, 2021


I would like to take some time to give you some positive feedback about the staff at AITC Gold Coast.

Our son started at the AITC this year in Year 11. He was a kid that just ‘turned up’ to school, his attendance was horrendous to say the least. He had no goals and no ambition for anything, he was a kid that just didn’t fit into the mainstream schooling system. He has been at the AITC for only 8 months but the difference in his attitude, maturity and focus is phenomenal. The skills that he has learnt he would never have gained in the mainstream schooling system. He is now a confident and mature young man with a completely different outlook on life, he now has personal goals and works hard to achieve them. We believe that he has grown so much due to the support and positive influences he has at the AITC.

We would really like to thank Camille (his Industry Leader), Camille has been a fantastic influence on him, she is tough on him when he needs it but also is kind and nurturing when he needs the extra support.  Camille always has the young person’s best interest at the forefront, she is approachable and very easy to communicate with. Camille builds relationships with the young person and their family, this is something that we definitely did not experience with our son's previous schools.

With the ongoing support from Camille and the rest of the team at the AITC we know our son will achieve his goals and continue to grow.

Thank you again to Camille and all the staff at the AITC.


Parent, 2020


As  parents of an AITC young person,  we  would like to express our appreciation and thanks to all the hard working staff at AITC who made the challenging transition of moving the students to the at home learning platform. As parents we were made to feel supported, and a part of a caring school community, with the regular updates of emails, phonecalls and videos. The regular phonecalls from teachers to young people also were a great way to help young people feel connected, supported and accountable . We understand and greatly appreciate all the time and energy that you and your staff at the AITC have put in to making this challenging time as trouble free as possible. We have seen the staff at AITC demonstrate themselves what they expect from their young people, to rise to challenges with a positive attitude, and behave with integrity. Thankyou again .

Parent, 2020


Thank you so much. We have had a difficult 18 months as far as my son's academic education has gone, however, during this time, he has been maturing into a delightful, wiser and more independent young man. Attending the Parent Info talk tonight was a great insight and I really appreciate the emphasis on communication with parents. His active engagement already with College has been the ‘icing on the cake’. It is such a relief to know he is somewhere that shares our family values and will give him purpose, somewhere he can relax, (with drive and ambition), and be himself. He seems more ready to engage with me, he was even disappointed I didn’t meet all of his teachers! I am looking forward to the next 3 years of collaboration between my son, AITC and myself.

Parent, 2020


As a parent of a student at the college I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Dedicated people who do an amazing job in bringing the best out of every young person who walks through the door.
Like so many other young people today my son had completely lost direction and interest at school.
He’s in year 12 now, has already secured his apprenticeship as a Plumber and will also finish the year with a Cert 3 in business management and a string of other trade certificates.
He actually enjoys going to school now, couldn’t be happier 

Parent, 2019 Facebook post


Michelle and I are so amazed at Dylan’s turnaround this year since he enrolled at the college. Remember how his grades were on a downward trend at his previous school? Well, just a couple of weeks back he proudly texted us a photo of his first term Maths Report – an ‘A’. What a success story. Dylan has really engaged with the college. We’ve seen a massive upturn in positive, productive decisions, who he hangs with (or chooses not to) and his overall behavior. I regularly ask Dylan how he is going at the college, and his feedback is that he really enjoys it – whereas last year he wanted to quit school. Thanks again for giving him the chance. We credit the AITC with the turnaround, along with Dylan’s proactive request and decision to try the college out.

Parent, 2019


Congratulations to a truly innovative college teaching young people real life skills that most schools fail to address. Our daughter is a very successful graduate living her dream working as a hairdresser in a 5 star salon..We recommend AITC 100%. Keep up the fantastic work helping students achieve their dream jobs.

Parent, via Facebook


Our son Nathan is a changed person since he started at AITC, which outweighs the question if AITC is value for money by far.  He is now happy to go to school, feels valued, and learns new things every day.  He proudly told us he had an A for maths (his first A ever), likes his teachers and peers.  Nathan enjoyed the week at TAFE, he wants to be a bricklayer and has lined up work experience with an employer.  It is wonderful to see him make plans for the future and to have a direction. I am so glad we came across AITC when we did, I have finally stopped worrying about what to do about Nathan’s education and now get such a good feeling inside when I see him go off to school. So thank you.

Parent, 2018


I’m a parent of a graduating year 12 student at AITC based on the Gold Coast Campus.  I wanted to write and congratulate you on hiring such inspirational, friendly, professional individuals like David Leitch.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m not the easiest person to deal with when I’m not happy, I have high expectations and will hold you accountable for every promise or statistic you’ve ever said.  When I found out that my son hadn’t been signed up with an apprenticeship but had finished his schooling, I was a bit unhappy.   I made an appointment to speak with David to see what pathway AITC provides for those students that haven’t yet been signed up but are no longer required to attend school.

David and his team really pulled together, they offered me a platform to express my thoughts and feelings, they worked with my son and gave him all the support and knowledge that he required to figure out his next steps and areas of opportunity.  David kept working the contacts he’d made through my son's work experience and I’m pleased to report that just over 1 week later my son* was signed up today with a great company.

I have been so happy with the 2 years that my son has spent at AITC and I did think I was going to be left disappointed, there are certain areas of the college that I feel need work but I will put these in the survey I believe you send out after graduation.  It’s fair to say that David and his team have had a huge part to play in this positive outcome.

The reason for today’s email is simply to express my thanks to David and his team, he is an amazing asset to your college and a great role model to the students, I couldn’t be happier with the amount of care, knowledge, professional etiquette that his man has provided to myself and my son and I felt like I needed to let you personally know what a difference he makes to the students.

Parent, 2020


I am a brand new parent to the AITC system. My son will be starting year 10 with you in January of 2019.

I am writing to put on record my thanks and gratitude for the work of one of your staff, Elaine Makepeace. My son is a wonderful kid who has always received excellent reports on his social skills, behaviour, engagement and attitude, but who also has dyslexia (more specifically, dyscalculia) and has experienced a gradual erosion of his academic confidence as a result. When I flagged this diagnosis on the application, Elaine contacted me and offered to meet with me in person to discuss things.

After an excellent meeting, she then met with my son, did some initial testing/assessment and has put in place a plan for him to utilise an at-home maths workshop system (digitally) that she will be monitoring. She has already picked up a very specific and fundamental gap (re: place value calculation in addition and subtraction) in his maths skills that no one in any of his previous years identified. This alone will likely see him be able to attain some immediate improvement.

I'm sure you're aware, but it is incredibly rare that any teacher or staff member would go out of their way to support a student who hasn't even yet begun at their school, yet this is exactly what Elaine is doing. In my experience, most teachers are very well meaning and kind, but are often unable or unwilling to actually do the nitty gritty work of supporting students in this way. Elaine has already shown us a kind of joint compassion and competency that is incredibly hard to find. Yet for a family like us - with a wonderful child who has been increasingly demoralised despite being intelligent and engaged - this is huge. And it isn't just me as a parent who has noticed this; my son himself has remarked on Elaine's genuineness (he is a keen spotter of BS) and he is on board with the extracurricular help.

You have a real gem in your staff member and I just wanted to make sure that you hear that from me.

Parent, 2019


Yesterday with my wife Vicki and all our family that could attend were there for the year 12 Graduation.

Our Son  was among a number of some 58 very proud students, Mums and Dads, family & friends.

The AITC must be commended on the way Gary Smith School Principal his CEO , Dave and all the AITC  Teaching and Support Staff have transcribed these growing kids into mature responsible smart well educated and matured Adults.

Our Son Jack took this track to attend AITC under his own steam and choice, with full support from Mum and Dad it was clearly the right track that Jack has gone down, the blood line likening to WINX the great Race Horse was always there, but as we all know with out a trainer then the horse just remains a horse, you people have turned our son Jack into the Greatest Race Horse ever, to be part of your Stable and  now a Group One Winner, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done and we shall along with Jack be ever grateful for everything you people have done, we will waive the AITC Flag high with in our home and remember the place that Jack became a Man and achieved his goal of becoming an Carpentry Apprentice with support from you all

Have a great day and THANK YOU.

Parent, 2018


This is the best thing that has happened for my son. He was in a great school, wasn't meeting the high academic expectations, got lost in the system and was lacking motivation. Since being accepted at AITC he is a changed young man. He has a spring in his step now, is learning relevant 'real-life' skills, a viable and valuable trade, and actually looks forward to getting himself to school every day. The AITC staff have been positive, extremely helpful and authentic from day one. Congratulations Tracey, Mark and the AITC team on creating something wonderful for this generation, who have bright futures ahead of them.

Parent, 2018


Hi Andrew

I would just like to thank you firstly for the meeting you had with my wife and myself back in 2014 and offering our son an opportunity to attend the Australian Industry Trade College after he did not put in an effect on his first attempt during your camp training.

We cannot thank and praise all the staff that we dealt with at the AITC over the two years that he attended there.  The professionalism, worth ethic and ability to help not only our son but all the young adults there at that time.

The college curriculum and the ability of the staff to not only deliver the curriculum in an easy and understandable way to the students but to help them develop and mature into the best young adult they could or want to be.

It is a great credit to all the staff and college as a whole to offer an alternative learning environment to those young

adults that may not have been coping with the main stream style of education and would never have finished their education in the main stream.

I can only speak for my family but we feel sure there would be many parents more over the years who feel the same way we do.

We truly believe if our son did not attend the AITC and have such positive and skilled staff to not only assist and guide him through the learning side of the curriculum but also and if not more in our opinion assist, guide and help him grow and develop into the responsible, balanced young man he is today.

We are happy and proud to say that our son in currently in his second year as an electrical apprentice.  We truly believe the time he spent at the

AITC has played a big part in not only his working life but his life in general.

Again many thanks to the staff and all involved in setting up and delivering such a fantastic education alternative than the main stream school, we have no doubt that without this alternative our son would not have completed his education journey.

Parent, 2016


Firstly I would like to thank AITC for not only putting on a fantastic formal and graduation but for giving my son the tools to transition into the big wide world.

I truly do not believe we would be in such a positive position now had we not made the move to AITC.

It has been a magnificent experience not only for Jack but also for us as his parents.

Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your endless work with all the students.


Parent, 2017


I must say I was very disappointed to read the two negative feedbacks from parents in the attached newsletter. Some parents are truly expecting too much from the AITC and just are not getting the bigger picture.

Our family on the other hand truly cannot thank your wonderful team of dedicated staff enough. From the professional way you conducted the orientation night at Bond University to the enormous amount of preparation and help given to our son in finding work experience, was completely over and above what we expected.

Our son and I have had to contact Brad on a few occasions outside of business hours and to our utter surprise, he has swiftly responded in a very helpful way.

Prior to starting at AITC our son was a very unhappy boy. Totally disengaged st school and feeling like all the teachers hated him. My husband and I were worried about what would come if him.

I must admit, I really had reservations about Cooper starting with the AITC. We thought he was not mature enough or responsible to take on the self-learning style we could see that would have been required of him. But lengthy discussions with one of your female staff members who name I cannot recall, we were reassured he would be fine and our minds were put to rest.

Since Cooper started this year our extended family and friends have been commenting about how much more mature he is. Every afternoon he jumps in the car bursting to give me another positive update about how his day was, how respectful the teachers are, what he has learned and how much he loves it.

So to yourself Mark and all the wonderful staff at AITC a BIG thank you. You have all contributed massively in turning one little boy's life from being labeled as bad at school, into a young man that now believes he has a future.

Parent, 2017 commenting on an article in the May 2017 Newsletter


Firstly thank you so much for the update on the young people’s successes in the first weeks at AITC!!

I can personally say that Jared came home each day last week with a positive disposition and attitude to his new learning pathway at AITC.  He is finding new found confidence and maturity in himself which astounded me and made me feel very proud!  He would have NEVER have learned to believe in himself and have such a positive attitude at his previous school!!  You have all created a learning atmosphere which inspires our young men and women to believe in themselves and strive to be the best they can be – values, which, unfortunately are no longer embraced in mainstream schools.

I am very thankful for taking note of a radio advertisement late last year about AITC and taking the first step to creating a better future for our son.

Jared was hesitant at first to leave his familiar “school” and “friends” last year but he has now come to realise that AITC was the best choice for his future.  He is excited to learn and he is taking control of his own destiny and becoming a very confident young man.  This would not have been possible in his previous learning environment.  He has spoken of the positive attitude and how he feels that he can achieve so much more surrounded by like-minded colleagues who are focused on their careers.

He is very fortunate to have such a great learning environment at AITC and is embracing the values which will set him up for life.  My husband and I thank you for providing such a nurturing learning environment and for helping us shape Jared into a confident and skilled young man.

Parent, 2017


A HUGE thankyou to you and your team for a wonderful evening last night.I can't begin to tell you how impressed with both the set-up and the staff Deborah and I both were. However, as I stated when we spoke, Deborah and I being impressed isn't enough, our son needs to like it and commit to it if we are to get a result.

Our son doesn't talk about school much, it simply isn't a lot of fun for him as sadly is the case with a lot of students today. He simply didn't shut up about the place on the way home and was back up and into my head at 6.15am this morning about it so I think it's safe to say we have his motor running.

I hope that you understand what I say here, in as much as your facility and your staff were amazing the two stars of the show for all three of us were Connor and Brittany, and the conversation and time that they afforded our son at the end was what I believed sealed the deal for him. These were just kids like him who were a little different, didn't fit in or particular like school but wanted to move on and grow as young adults. They let him know that it was OK to not fit into a box and that if you REALLY want to do something then this is the school for you - I really can't thank them enough.

Potential Parent after attending an Information Session, 2016


This is a thank you message to all staff at the AITC who had anything to do with helping and guiding our son James through years 2014 - 15. Saturday nights' events have blown us away, for James to win this award has made us so proud & more importantly made us love, respect and appreciate our young boy even more then ever. It's been a wonderful 2 years for us and James, from the first day I dropped James at the train station for his 40 min ride to Robina to his last day of school he never complained or had anything negative to say about the AITC and the staff. I know he'll miss the AITC and in the years ahead he'll have something to look back on, especially the night he walked up on stage to collect his prize for "Apprentice Of The Year". As parents we are so proud and so grateful for your help.

Parent, 2015


May I take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone at AITC for their professionalism and yet ‘softness’ and caring work ethic, which has assisted my son to understand ‘the real world and professional people’ in such a way to give him the knowledge to make better choices easier. He achieved his QCE AND secured an Apprenticeship!!!

As a parent, I have nothing but praise for the college, what it stands for and its philosophy. The monetary cost was manageable and certainly money well spent.

I’m finding it hard to choose one word that collectively expresses how the experiences, friendships, learnings and opportunities that were offered, and taken by Mitchum over his journey of the past two years at the AITC impacted positively on our whole family.

We have been blessed to have found and been part of the AITC and its fantastic, dedicated team. !!

Parent, 2015


“Thank you for organising the sign up for Tommy. Ian and I are very appreciative of all the work you have done over the past few weeks in organising all of this. Thank you for everything you have done, which is a great deal, I realise. Tommy is very excited about Greg taking him on and I am sure that he will do his very best. Tommy is loving the Trade College and to be honest he is the happiest that I have ever seen him. We always know when he is happy because he whistles in the morning - I don't think he realises he is doing it - but heck he has been whistling a lot lately!! Tommy seems to have found a real 'sense of place' and from what I can see, it truly is a wonderful college where young people feel safe and cared about..”

Parent, 2015


Hi Mark,

It was really great to catch up with you and the team at AITC again. Even though I didn't pursue the trade career, my time at AITC will always have played a major part in my life. Without the inspiration and guidance from the team, students and especially Richard P I have no idea how my life would be now. Thankfully I got the kick into gear and motivation I needed to get fit, continue my education and strive for bigger and better things from my experience at AITC. It almost seemed like fate how at a time when I was bullied at traditional school and wanted to quit, that AITC opened its doors and gave me the platform to continue my education.

Since leaving AITC I have obtained a Bachelor Psychological Science, Masters Counselling and 2 years Experience as a Social Worker/Mental Health Worker at FSG Australia and I am currently running my own Counselling business.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me on Friday and I hope that we come in contact again soon.

Past Graduate after attending an AITC Reconnect event, 2017


I thought I would write to inform you that Finley has completed his Carpentry course at TAFE Ashmore.

He is still our Apprentice and is going great.

He is confident, shows initiative and has a pleasant manner with our clients and his co-workers.

He has truly proven himself as a very valuable member of our company.

We took him out last Friday night to celebrate the completion of his TAFE course and he said to us,

“Thank God for AITC. If it wasn’t for AITC, I’d still be doing the carpentry course.”

He realizes he has fast tracked his trade. Some other young guys at TAFE were surprised he’d completed the course by age 19 and is now fully qualified.

Employer 2017


I love the atmosphere of the Redlands campus! The staff and students here are very friendly and the vibe is wonderful. So much so, that although we live in Redcliffe, I want my son to come here for the IQ program

Employer, 2017


I wanted to let you know that I was at a dinner last week, sitting beside a mother who had a son at AITC – she could not speak more highly of the school and the experience of her son and how much he loved the school and being an apprentice. He had been at a private school, where her other son continued to go successfully, but this son had not fitted in well and to transition to a school like AITC has been his making.

Employer 2015


The young lad had worked for me before going to your school - he has come up leaps and bounds since he’s been at the AITC. I am very impressed in what you are doing there.

Employer 2015


I would just like to say how pleased I am with the general behaviour of the students from your Varsity Lakes campus. Most days we will have a small group in for morning tea or lunch and they are always polite and courteous. Sometimes early in the morning we do not have many staff on shift, but your students are happy to patiently wait their turn to be served. They are respectfully quiet in the restaurant and they never leave more than a few crumbs on the tables when they leave.

I have been in this industry for a long time and I usually cringe at the sight of groups of school children heading for our doors. They are loud, messy and generally disruptive. This is not the case with your students. They are welcome here anytime.

Please pass on my thanks to the young ladies and gents at your college.

Robina Restaurant Owner 2015