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The Gold Coast College campus boasts state of the art technology including Interactive whiteboards in every learning space (classroom) and wireless internet connection throughout the campus. Students are taught in a hybrid learning environment, utilising E-Learning platforms such as Schoology. Schoology can be accessed remotely by the student and teacher, making teaching and learning  very flexible.

The College also has an equipped Strength & Fitness studio with qualified trainers and staff on hand to guide the students through their programs. This is accessible daily during class times and break times.

The overall ambience of the College is relaxed and focuses on student interaction during break times (smoko and lunch). The HUB ( student chill out area) is a great place for the students to play pool (snooker) or table tennis. The piazza has a basketball court for students to shoot hoops during their breaks as well as an oversized chess / checkers set for students to play and compete.

For an A – Z list of apprenticeships or traineeships and more details on your chosen occupation, visit: Gold Coast Apprenticeships or Gold Coast Traineeships

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