At the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC), International Women’s Day (IWD) was not just a date on the calendar but a series of empowering events and celebrations across our six schools. From insightful talks to self-care sessions and prestigious award ceremonies, our students and staff came together to honour and empower the women making strides in various industries. Here’s a glimpse into the inspiring festivities that unfolded at each campus:

Toowoomba: Insights from DRACS HVAC & Electrical

On International Women’s Day, our Toowoomba campus had the privilege of hosting Christiana and Dan from DRACS HVAC & Electrical. Amidst morning tea, Christiana, a resilient 2nd-year apprentice, shared invaluable insights about embracing opportunities courageously. She emphasised the importance of continuous learning and navigating challenges with determination, especially in male-dominated trades. Dan, with 25 years of industry expertise, highlighted the significance of dedication and professional conduct, offering a roadmap to success.

Sunshine Coast: Self-Care Pamper Session

The Sunshine Coast campus celebrated IWD with a self-care pamper session, indulging in hand massages and face masks. This event underscored the importance of nurturing oneself while championing diversity, equity, and inclusivity. We proudly support our young women forging career paths in industry, acknowledging their contributions and resilience.

Staff and students also attended the Annual Queensland Resources Council (QRC)/Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ) International Women’s Day Breakfast, presented by Anglo American Australia. Sunshine Coast Team Leader, Emma, attended the event with students Libby and Shaylah.

The breakfast forms part of the QRC’s diversity and inclusion strategy which aims to increase the proportion of women in Queensland’s resources sector to 30 percent by 2026.

Redlands and Gold Coast: BBQ and Morning Tea

At the Redlands and Gold Coast campuses, staff and students gathered for BBQs and delightful morning teas, echoing the spirit of IWD. These gatherings were not just about food and fun but served as reminders of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our communities. We stand by our commitment to support and honour the trailblazing women within our AITC family and beyond.

Brisbane: Recognition at QRC/WIMARQ Awards Ceremony

In Brisbane, the day kicked off with a scrumptious breakfast at The Garden Room, Roma Street Parklands, setting the tone for an inspiring day ahead. Brisbane staff and students, Shae and Bella, joined our Sunshine Coast attendees, representing the AITC at the QRC and WIMARQ awards ceremony. It was a moment of pride to witness the acknowledgment of women’s contributions to the industry, empowering the next generation to follow their dreams fearlessly.

Ipswich: Participation in Awesome Women in Construction Events

The AITC Ipswich campus had an exceptional week dedicated to International Women’s Day. Staff and students attended the Awesome Women in Construction event, where they were privileged to be part of the 7th Annual AWIC – Awesome Women in Construction International Women’s Day Lunch. Over 500 attendees gathered to hear from guest speakers who shared their journey and insights into the construction trade, inspiring our students to pursue their dreams with determination. The AITC Ipswich students were also invited on stage and received informative bags to aid their career paths, including useful contacts and counselling resources.

Additionally, the AITC Ipswich celebrated the visit of remarkable women from the construction industry. Speakers such as Amanda Bulow, CEO of Awesome Women in Construction, Jessica from Skill Set Building, and Jordan Clark, an AITC Redlands alumni, shared their stories and insights, leaving a lasting impact on our female students. Their presence empowered our students to break barriers and pave the way for a brighter future.

International Women’s Day at the AITC was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering inclusivity, and empowering the next generation of leaders in the industry. Here’s to the remarkable women shaping our world today and inspiring generations to come!