Congratulations to Gold Coast Year 11 student Josh who was selected as a finalist Apprentice Champion at the prestigious Australian Trades Small Business Awards 2023 in Sydney.

This accomplishment showcases Josh’s remarkable talent and highlights the strong partnership between the AITC and Open Projects, who have been instrumental in Josh’s journey to success.

Open Projects, is a well-established company on the Gold Coast providing bespoke fitout services, perfectly suited to business needs. The collaboration between the AITC and Open Projects has provided countless opportunities for students to gain invaluable work experience and apprenticeships. Josh is a shining example of the outstanding young talent that the AITC and Open Projects have been working together to cultivate.

Josh’s journey to becoming a finalist Apprentice Champion is a testament to his passion and determination. He has excelled in the field of metal fabrication and has proven to be an invaluable member of Open Projects’ team. His dedication to honing his craft and his unwavering commitment to excellence have not only earned him recognition but have also helped him become an inspiration for his peers.

Gold Coast AITC Principal, Mark Bohan, spoke glowingly of Josh’s achievements, saying, “Josh is a remarkable young man who embodies the spirit of the Australian Industry Trade College. We have seen significant growth in Josh from when he began his journey at the AITC to now being recognised as a finalist Apprentice Champion. It reflects not only his commitment but also the incredible support he has received from Open Projects, his family and our school. We are immensely proud of Josh’s accomplishments, and we see a bright future ahead for him.”

The Australian Trades Small Business Awards 2023 serve as a platform to recognise and celebrate the contributions of trade small businesses and individuals making a significant impact on the Australian economy. Josh’s nomination is a clear indication of the vital role young apprentices play in the growth and sustainability of these businesses.

Open Projects, through its ongoing partnership with the AITC, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to nurturing the next generation of skilled workers. Their investment in young talents like Josh helps individuals reach their potential and bolsters the Australian workforce with highly skilled professionals.

Jodie Wood, General Manager at Open Projects, says, “As an employer, committed to providing ongoing training and experience to young people, it is incredibly rewarding for our team and our tradespersons to contribute to Josh’s journey so far, and is certainly a testament to the commitment and passion he has for his work.  Open Projects Group are incredibly proud of all young people who walk through our doors and the part we play in helping them achieve their future goals and potential.”

Josh’s nomination at the Australian Small Business Awards 2023 is a moment of pride for the AITC, Open Projects, and the entire community supporting these young talents. It is a testament to what can be achieved when industry and education collaborate to empower youth.

Congratulations to Josh for this well-deserved recognition, and a heartfelt thank you to Open Projects for their continued dedication to developing the potential of AITC’s young talents.