The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) is proud to share that they have become a Health Gateway to Industry School.

AITC CEO, Mark Hands, met with Sabrina Kerr, Gateway Schools Manager CheckUP, at the Ipswich school where they signed the Gateway to Schools agreement in health. CheckUP is funded by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to deliver the Health Gateway to Industry Schools Program. It’s a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to better health for people and communities who need it most.

“Health is the largest industry in the world,” says Sabrina. “With the growth of 250,000 jobs expected by the end of this year there are significant gaps in the industry, and we work closely with schools to connect them to industry opportunities — such as traineeships and work experience. We also work closely with teachers and staff to encourage knowledge of career pathways through professional development opportunities. It’s about everyone working together as a team.”

Sharon Tobin, Assistant Principal at the AITC Ipswich, says the agreement means a great deal to Ipswich and the broader AITC community. “We currently have three young people who are pursuing their career in health. It would be exciting if we increase this interest in this incredible industry to maybe 50 young people by the end of next year.”

The Health Gateway to Industry Schools project aims to develop school students’ knowledge and understanding of the varied roles available in the health workforce and improve their access to learning and experiential opportunities in Queensland’s growing health sector.