Yellow Ribbon Day was held on 12 September and marks special significance where we remember and honour 28,000+ Rural Fire Brigade (RFB) members who defend 93% of Queensland.

On this day Queenslanders are encouraged to wear a yellow ribbon to support our dedicated Rural Fire Service (RFS) volunteers, officers and staff who serve Queensland communities.

Carlin Fisher, student at the Australian Industry Trade College on the Sunshine Coast, and dedicated rural firefighter, had the unique opportunity to be part of the event at Brisbane’s Parliament House.

Carlin has been a rural firefighter at Ilkley and districts for just over 12 months. His involvement in this event left him feeling immensely proud and deeply connected to the spirit of resilience that defines Queensland communities.

“To be part of Yellow Ribbon Day meant a great deal to me. I represented rural firefighters around Queensland in our parliament. It was a great opportunity to give our leadership insight into what we do and why we do it,” said Carlin.

During the Yellow Ribbon presentation, it was announced that a $1M Innovation Fund will be established for the Rural Fire Service (RFS) by the State Government.

Carlin believes the RFS Innovation Fund “is a good starting point for the RFS to become better equipped to be able to fight fires and to save lives.”

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Mark Ryan said, “The announcement of an RFS Innovation Fund will support future operations and is a welcome announcement for Yellow Ribbon Day.”

“Ensuring our Rural Fire Brigades have access to the best equipment available is a priority,” he said.

“This innovation fund will enable new solutions and technologies to be tested for operational effectiveness, in consultation with volunteers on the front line.

QFES Commissioner Greg Leach said, “Rural fire brigades do so much more than just fight grassfires and bushfires. They are on the ground with their communities, providing vital education and support for people to be prepared for bushfire season.”

“We are anticipating increased fire activity this bushfire season and once again our dedicated RFS volunteers will be called upon to protect lives and property when fire strikes.

We are proud of AITC student Carlin who shines in and outside the classroom.

“Carlin Fisher is an exemplary student, known for his dedication to his studies and his unwavering commitment to serving his community as a volunteer firefighter. His journey to Yellow Ribbon Day 2023 is a testament to his character and reflects the values we strive to instil in our students here at the Australian Industry Trade College,” said Nick Harrison, Sunshine Coast Principal, Australian Industry Trade College.

For more photos on the day head to the Royal Fire Brigade Association Queensland website.