As the new Assistant Principal I am thrilled to join an innovative educational program, uniquely designed to provide tangible high-quality industry outcomes for young people. My role is to support and uphold the College’s mission of fostering a student-centred approach to learning with high expectations and unwavering support.

As I settle into my new role, I have been blown away by the team’s respect, professionalism, and genuine care. From the moment I arrived I have been welcomed with open arms, and it’s clear everyone here shares a deep passion for empowering young people through education. The commitment to creating a positive and supportive learning environment is remarkable and I feel privileged to be part of such a fantastic team.

One thing that excites me the most about this role is the opportunity to work closely with our industry team to support young people on their journey. The College’s approach to education is unique and I am excited to see how it leads to real-world outcomes for young people. I look forward to getting to know our students and learning more about how we can support them in achieving their goals. Furthermore, I am eager to work alongside our teachers and staff to continue providing an industry-based education.

Our College is committed to providing purposeful learning experiences which engage young people in a seamless blend of senior education and vocational training. Through our program students gain practical skills and hands-on experience in real-world industries, giving them a competitive edge in their future careers.

We are proud to see our graduates excel in their chosen industries, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary for success. The AITC is dedicated in providing a unique and valuable educational experience preparing students for an industry career.

Tim French
Assistant Principal, AITC Sunshine Coast