A Sign-Up is the young person’s official transition from unpaid work experience, potentially with a variety of employers across a range of industries, to a paid apprentice or trainee with a single employer. This significant event is celebrated by the College for every young person who is signed up. It means that the employer is confident enough in the skills and values of the young person that they are willing to offer them employment, not just through to graduation, but beyond as a full-time apprentice or trainee, and potentially into the future as a qualified tradesperson.

The Sign-Up is an official event that includes the young person and their AITC Industry Consultant (IC), the employer and Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider. Both the employer and young person sign a contract, committing to one another as employer and apprentice or trainee. The AASN provides advice and support for the young person regarding their apprenticeship or traineeship, particularly after graduation from the AITC.

What is an Industry Consultant?

Every young person at the AITC has an Industry Consultant. This person provides support and advice regarding all aspects of the young person’s industry activities, and will normally have experience and a network of contacts within a particular range of industries. The IC is a young person’s first point of contact any time they have questions or concerns about the industry journey.