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The AITC x Protech Academy

The AITC x Protech Academy is Brisbane’s first industry-driven program for school students wishing to pursue a career with big industry on major projects.

Based in Brisbane, the program is for high achievers in hi-vis who have the ambition to work on large-scale construction sites with multimillion-dollar projects.

Put simply, the program is a combination of deliberately different education, industry-driven training, and technical expertise to develop apprentices and trainees of the highest calibre, starting in Year 10.


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What’s different from the standard AITC program?

Starting in Year 10, students hone their skills through an intensive work-readiness program – with technical training, site visits, work experience, and shadowing – before commencing a school-based traineeship in Year 11. Young people spend six weeks a term in school (at our Spring Hill school) and six weeks in industry. By Year 12, they will have commenced their career in construction, civil engineering, auto (heavy diesel), mechanical, or ICT, with the opportunity to complete up to 45% of their apprenticeship or traineeship by Year 12 graduation.

It’s about setting our young people up to work on some of the biggest major infrastructure projects in South East Queensland.

5 benefits of the AITC x Protech Academy

Successfully complete the program and receive guaranteed employment before graduating Year 12 through a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship in the fields of:

  • Construction
  • Civil engineering
  • Auto (heavy diesel)
  • Mechanical, or
  • ICT

Expedited early access to large-scale projects and employment opportunities with renowned civil construction companies.

Unique, flexible schooling with a mix of classroom learning, work experience, site visits, technical training, shadowing and employment, contextualised to major projects and delivered in partnership with industry.

A deliberate and careful exposure to safety standards and best practice for major projects – safety is our first thought.

Completion of up to 45% of your school-based apprenticeship or traineeship by graduation. Employer financial incentives for completion of Year 12 (up to a full year’s school fees!)

Why Protech?

The civil construction sector is the backbone of Protech’s growth story. National recruitment and training organisation Protech Group first started working with the College 18-months ago, placing almost 10 school-based civil construction trainees on a major infrastructure project in the Brisbane CBD – the first of its kind. The young people successfully went on to secure jobs with some of Protech’s big industry clients, making their mark on Brisbane infrastructure at just 18 years of age. Read more about it here.

Managing Director of Protech, Marc Meili was at a recent event and spoke to the importance of an education for a long and successful industry career (see video below).

“Education is fundamental ultimately thats been part of my success. Finishing Year 12 is a must. It really plays the foundation and the cornerstone for those young people… If they finish Year 12 with the experience that they have, then the world opens up to them. Education is the most important thing its where their life is guided and from there anything is possible.

Learn more about our relationships with Protech by viewing this video.

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