In a momentous evening filled with anticipation and excitement, the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) Ipswich school emerged as a beacon of educational excellence, clinching the coveted award in the ‘Education, Training, and Skilling’ category at the 2023 Business Excellence Awards presented by the Ipswich Region Chamber of Commerce.

This recognition is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the team, who have worked to help students excel in both education and industry.

Despite being just 3 years young, the Ipswich AITC school has been a welcomed addition to the city of Ipswich, with over 200 young people now proudly pursuing industry careers across Years 10 to 12.

Dave Breeze, Industry Operations Manager at the AITC Ipswich, expressed his pride in accepting the award on behalf of the dedicated staff and aspiring young minds at the college. “This is a great achievement for a school that is relatively young, but it signifies the significant impact we are making in our community and underscores the tireless efforts of so many,” he remarked. Dave’s words capture the essence of the AITC Ipswich’s mission: to not only provide quality education but also to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen industries.

Christina Kokkinis, Assistant Principal at the AITC Ipswich, shared her thoughts on the momentous occasion, saying, “Being there to accept the award was truly an honour. This recognition motivates us to continue striving for excellence in all that we do.”

AITC Ipswich Principal, Carla McCarthy, also spoke about the significance of receiving this prestigious award. “It’s an incredible moment for us at the AITC Ipswich,” she said. “This award underscores our commitment to providing innovative, industry-focused education and training that empowers our students to stand tall, stand proud and stand out. We are immensely proud of our community, our staff, and our students, and this recognition inspires us to reach even greater heights.”

The AITC Ipswich school’s win serves as a testament to their dedication, innovation, and the positive impact they’ve had on the community. It is a well-deserved recognition for a team that continues to shape the future of education and prepare students for success in their chosen industries. With their eyes set firmly on the future, the AITC Ipswich school is poised to continue making a deliberate difference in the lives of young people and the broader community.