The Australian Industry Trade College is an independent senior school with a trade focus. Established by local industry leaders, the College serves two purposes:

1.To provide educational and employment opportunities for technically talented young people

2.To provide employers the highest quality apprentices.

The AITC is a private company which operates under not for profit guidelines. A Board of Directors, selected from legal, financial, education, training and industry backgrounds, provides the strategic governance ensuring that the College maintains its mission and fiduciary obligations. The company has 25 members who represent a broad cross section of industries. These company members provide strategic advice for ensuring the college is well placed to provide the best outcomes for both its young people and the employers aligned with the AITC.

A Chief Executive Officer is employed to supervise the operations of the College and this position is assisted by an executive team who oversee the specific operations of education, employment, business and finance and recruitment.

Being a fully accredited independent school in Queensland, the AITC receives recurrent funding from both state and commonwealth governments which allow a moderate tuition fee to be paid by families who choose the AITC as a place to start their career.

Income by funding sources for Gold Coast Campus

 Income by funding sources for Redlands Campus

Income by funding sources for Sunshine Coast Campus