At the Australian Industry Trade College, Year 10, 11 and 12 students complete their senior education and start a school based apprenticeship. Whilst completing their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), our young people begin a paid apprenticeship in the trade career of their choice. With two campuses, one on the Gold Coast and one in Redlands, over 90% of AITC students graduate with a full-time apprenticeship.

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This is a thank you message to all staff at the AITC who had anything to do with helping and guiding our son James through years 2014 - 15. Saturday nights' events have blown us away, for James to win this award has made us so proud & more importantly made us love, respect and appreciate our young boy even more then ever. It's been a wonderful 2 years for us and James, from the first day I dropped James at the train station for his 40 min ride to Robina to his last day of school he never complained or had anything negative to say about the AITC and the staff. I know he'll miss the AITC and in the years ahead he'll have something to look back on, especially the night he walked up on stage to collect his prize for "Apprentice Of The Year". As parents we are so proud and so grateful for your help.

Parent, 2015

May I take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to everyone at AITC for their professionalism and yet ‘softness’ and caring work ethic, which has assisted my son to understand ‘the real world and professional people’ in such a way to give him the knowledge to make better choices easier. He achieved his QCE AND secured an Apprenticeship!!! As a parent, I have nothing but praise for the college, what it stands for and its philosophy. The monetary cost was manageable and certainly money well spent. I’m finding it hard to choose one word that collectively expresses how the experiences, friendships, learnings and opportunities that were offered, and taken by Mitchum over his journey of the past two years at the AITC impacted positively on our whole family. We have been blessed to have found and been part of the AITC and its fantastic, dedicated team. !!

Parent, 2015

“Thank you for organising the sign up for Tommy. Ian and I are very appreciative of all the work you have done over the past few weeks in organising all of this. Thank you for everything you have done, which is a great deal, I realise. Tommy is very excited about Greg taking him on and I am sure that he will do his very best. Tommy is loving the Trade College and to be honest he is the happiest that I have ever seen him. We always know when he is happy because he whistles in the morning - I don't think he realises he is doing it - but heck he has been whistling a lot lately!! Tommy seems to have found a real 'sense of place' and from what I can see, it truly is a wonderful college where young people feel safe and cared about..”

Parent, 2015

Mark, The focus and discipline you have nurtured as normal and acceptable behaviour in the young people at AITC is truly ground-breaking. Your note below is testament to that. Parents like me of course pray for these 'old-school' values to be instilled in our off-spring: respect, discipline, and direction. You've inspired many young people, my son included, to a place where they have the personal attributes to now lead and influence in the most positive way. I congratulate you and sincere thanks.

2014 Parent in response to the November Newsletter

“They actually like me, they didn’t like me at my old school.” “I can talk and say what I want, and they listen!” “I feel I am a bit important when I wear this uniform!”

Student, 2014

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Information sessions provide families with the necessary facts on how the College operates and provides detailed insights of the journey your young person will experience during their senior years at the Australian Industry Trade College. The information sessions are obligation free, however attendance at an information session by both parents and young person is part of the selection process to enrol at the College.



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The Australian Industry Trade College is not a traditional trade college as it was founded to support industry’s need for better educated apprentices and trainees. Feedback from our industry partners attests to the positive learning culture of the college as demonstrated by the many testimonials from our employers. Starting their school based apprenticeships at the AITC gives students an early start to a productive trade career in industry.

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