At the Australian Industry Trade College, Year 10, 11 and 12 students complete their senior education and start their school based apprenticeships. Whilst completing their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE), our young people begin paid apprenticeships in the trade career of their choice. With two campuses, one on the Gold Coast and one in Redlands, Brisbane over 90% of AITC students graduate with a full-time apprenticeship.


Gold Coast Open Day and Information Session


Redlands Open Day and Information Session

0 Students successfully placed into apprenticeships / traineeships
93% of 2016 Year 12 students graduated with an apprenticeship.

93% of year 12 graduated in an apprenticeship in 2016.


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96% of AITC Students achieved their QCE in 2016

96% of AITC Students achieved their QCE in 2016.


Parents and carers are invited to apply to enrol at either the Gold Coast campus or Redlands campus. Applications are open for enrolments in July 2017 and January 2018. The AITC has a selection process to enrol, and this application forms the first step to this process.

Hi Mark, It was really great to catch up with you and the team at AITC again. Even though I didn't pursue the trade career, my time at AITC will always have played a major part in my life. Without the inspiration and guidance from the team, students and especially Richard P I have no idea how my life would be now. Thankfully I got the kick into gear and motivation I needed to get fit, continue my education and strive for bigger and better things from my experience at AITC. It almost seemed like fate how at a time...

Past Graduate after attending an AITC Reconnect event, 2017

I love the atmosphere of the Redlands campus! The staff and students here are very friendly and the vibe is wonderful. So much so, that although we live in Redcliffe, I want my son to come here for the IQ program

Employer, 2017

I witnessed a wonderful grace filled moment on the train from Varsity Lakes this afternoon. Four very polite students from your Training College were in the same compartment as me. A Downs Syndrome young men entered the train and sat across the isle from me and not far from your students. Two of your students obviously know this young man as they addressed him by name and asked how his day was. The interaction between them was such a delight to encounter on a train. Your students are to be commended! I felt tears well up in my eyes as...

Member of the Public, 2017

Firstly thank you so much for the update on the young people’s successes in the first weeks at AITC!! I can personally say that Jared came home each day last week with a positive disposition and attitude to his new learning pathway at AITC.  He is finding new found confidence and maturity in himself which astounded me and made me feel very proud!  He would have NEVER have learned to believe in himself and have such a positive attitude at his previous school!!  You have all created a learning atmosphere which inspires our young men and women to believe in...

Parent, 2017

A HUGE thankyou to you and your team for a wonderful evening last night.I can't begin to tell you how impressed with both the set-up and the staff Deborah and I both were. However, as I stated when we spoke, Deborah and I being impressed isn't enough, our son needs to like it and commit to it if we are to get a result. Our son doesn't talk about school much, it simply isn't a lot of fun for him as sadly is the case with a lot of students today. He simply didn't shut up about the place on the way...

Potential Parent after attending an Information Session, 2016

info sessions

Information sessions provide families with the necessary facts on how the College operates and provides detailed insights of the journey your young person will experience during their senior years at the Australian Industry Trade College. The information sessions are obligation free, however attendance at an information session by both parents and young person is part of the selection process to enrol at the College.



Gold Coast Open Day and Information Session



Redlands Open Day and Information Session

Why Choose AITC

The Australian Industry Trade College is not a traditional trade college as it was founded to support industry’s need for better educated apprentices and trainees. Feedback from our industry partners attests to the positive learning culture of the college as demonstrated by the many testimonials from our employers. Starting their school based apprenticeships at the AITC gives students an early start to a productive trade career in industry.

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