Very few educators will say that they go into the profession for the money. Teaching is a demanding and student-focused role, aimed at bringing the best out in our young people and equipping them for a happy and successful life.

It can, at times, be a thankless job and we are very aware of teacher burnout. To add to their heavy workload, educators are often at the centre of inappropriate behaviour from students, parents and guardians which includes intimidation, yelling and harassment.

Alarmingly, recent research shows that “nearly 60% of teachers reported experiencing at least one incident of bullying and harassment by parents in the last 12 months.”

At the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC), we are surrounded by dedicated employees in a variety of roles with the same shared vision; to see your young person succeed. We know that our vision is shared by you, too.

Of course, we value your feedback and want to ensure that you are heard. What we do ask is that this information is delivered respectfully and appropriately.

The culture of our school community depends on collaboration and two-way communication, and we look forward to hosting some upcoming events to allow us to all connect.

The success of your young person benefits from us working with you, and we love hosting you on campus.

Further information about these community events will be sent in the next week. We hope you can add them to your calendars!

Thank you for choosing to walk with us.