AITC Weekly Connect – The Future of Industry

According to the latest McCrindle research findings, a young person currently sitting in an AITC campus will in their lifetime have 18 jobs and six different careers.

The world of work and industry is evolving and the much of what we had pre-COVID we will never see again. Industry is not moving to the next but to the new and the start of a whole new reality.

Walking with your young person and navigating the options within industry, the pathways and the new industries emerging can be daunting but in all honesty it has never been a more exciting and opportune time to consider a technical pathway and commence the journey.

The reality of the situation is that 65% of children entering primary school today, will end up working in completely new jobs or careers that do not exist…yet.

So how do you inform yourself and your young person about the opportunities?

If you have a young person who is unsure of their future pathway because of the enormity of opportunity, the linked website – Australian Apprenticeships priority list (AAPL) – identifies trades and vocational areas that don’t have enough skilled workers to meet demand.

A wide range of occupations are listed, including:

  • aircraft maintenance engineers
  • bakers
  • bricklayers
  • electricians
  • joiners
  • telecommunications technicians
  • personal care assistants.


Our government offers a range of incentives to encourage employers to take more apprentices and trainees. There has never been a better time to consider an apprentice or trainee, or for a young person to commence their career path.

Current incentives include:

  • Commencement incentives
  • Recommencement incentives
  • Completion incentives
  • Additional Identified Skills Shortage payment
  • Rural and Regional Skills Shortage incentive
  • Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy trial
  • Australian School-based Apprenticeship incentive
  • Trade Support Loans

Detailed information about Australian Government incentives is available in the Summary of the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program (click here).

The future is exciting and we are proud to work with your young person in this space. In the next few weeks, each campus will be hosting an Industry Pathway session to allow you to learn more about the different career pathways and to hear from an exciting panel. Details will be shared in the next week!