Seven local teenagers to be part of Queensland team for Trade Olympics

Seven students from the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) have been selected as part of a team to represent Queensland in the WorldSkills competition this month. The National Competition is a skills Olympics with over 50 skills and trades being showcased from seven skill clusters.

On Friday 27 August the Queensland team will have an opportunity to benchmark their skills and talents as they compete for gold. The champions will then have a chance to represent Australia at the international competition, to be hosted in Shanghai in 2022.

The talent pool from the AITC, an industry-based senior school, will join five other regions to form the Queensland representative team (about 70 competitors). The team will then compete in the National Competition at the TAFE Queensland — Alexandra Hills campus.

Eliza Lane, Head of Industry Education at the AITC says, “This is an incredible opportunity for our students to showcase and compete in their industry skill area. It is also an experience of a lifetime where young people will form friendships and networks that will extend well into their future.”

“In recent weeks our young people have been working hard, honing their skills and preparing for this national competition.

“When young Australians compete at WorldSkills, whether it’s at regional, national or international competitions – they’re fostering communication, teamwork, organisation and leadership skills. They’re empowering themselves with the most elite skillset they possibly can, and preparing for future success, whatever careers path they eventually travel.”

The competition activities develop employability and practical skills, and high levels of excellence. Attributes developed during the competition are highly valued by employers such as teamwork, problem solving, time management, judgment and working under pressure, making these competitors and budding tradies well sought after in the marketplace.

Competitions are designed by industry and skills experts who assess an individual’s knowledge, practical competence and employability skills against a set of strict criteria.

The AITC students will come from two of its five campuses in South East Queensland.

Redlands Campus

  • Brayde Turrall-Poulter: Plumbing — with the highest score ever recorded for plumbing at the TAFE Queensland – Alexandra Hills campus
  • Levi Ehue: Electrician
  • Ryan Thomsen: Electrician

AITC Redlands student, Brayde Turrall-Poluter feels privileged to be part of WorldSkills. “The judges will no doubt be looking for precision. It will be important to take my time through the challenges and make sure everything is done properly and not rushed.”

Team-mate from Redlands, Levi Ehue, says the AITC values “including respect and safety” helped secure him a spot on the Queensland team and will help him during the competition.

AITC young person, Ryan Thomsen, is also looking forward to this incredible opportunity. “It’s a massive event for all upcoming tradies. I’m a little nervous but it will be fun.”

Sunshine Coast Campus

  • Jake Marlow: Automotive
  • Fletcher Patterson: Carpentry
  • Corey Hobbs: Carpentry
  • Jedidiah Robertson: Plumbing

Jake Marlow, Year 12 AITC Sunshine Coast student, is training for WorldSkills by working through modules with his employer Coolum Motors. “Coolum Motors will help me prepare and make sure I know everything I need to know before I get there,” says Jake. He will be working on specific jobs with a supervisory mechanic to make sure he’s ready for the competition.

Team-mate Year 12 student, Fletcher Patterson, has a keen eye and likes attention to detail in the carpentry trade. Working as an apprentice for Ace Building, Fletcher says, “I’m going to listen, learn and do my best in training for the competition.”

An apprentice carpenter, Corey Hobbs, is looking forward to teaming up with other carpenters in the team. “We can help each other out with our knowledge and what we know about the trade. We will be able to support each other and give each other advice.”

Like his AITC peers, Jedidiah Robertson is working on WorldSkills modules to prepare. “I’ve got a basic rundown of the systems we’re going to be building,” says Jed. “I’ve had a look at the fittings, the different type of pipe, the joins we’re going to be using. I’ve been brushing up my skills using them. My boss from Need-A-Plumber is helping me use the same fittings and I’m doing work specifically which relates to the competition which will be a great help.”

The Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) is an independent senior school with five campuses across South East Queensland. Years 10, 11 and 12 students spend half their time completing their senior education at school, and the remainder out with industry. In 2020, 99% of graduates completed their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and 90% had started an apprenticeship or traineeship in the industry career of their choice.


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