ICE was Amazing!

At our Industry Celebration Evening (ICE) 2015, guests were wowed with tap and break dancing, opera and magic all woven into a wonderful evening of celebration at Sharks Event Centre. Of course, the stars of the night were our Graduates looking so handsome and beautiful in their formal attire – they did us and their families proud.

Congratulations go to our Award Winners :

Apprentice of the Year, Engineering – Jaak Hall

Apprentice of the Year, Automotive – Isaac Lawlor

Apprentice of the Year, Bricklaying – Sam McGlone

Apprentice of the Year, Hairdressing – Hayley Davies

Female Trainee of the Year – Monique Whiffin

Male Trainee of the Year – Jackson Daniela

Apprentice of the Year, Hospitality – Dale Tovell-Soundy

Apprentice of the Year, Carpentry – Lewis Menzani

Apprentice of the Year, Electrotechnology – Quinn Lynch

Apprentice of the Year, Shopfitting / Cabinetmaking – Alex Bird

Apprentice of the Year, Plumbing – James Fallon

AITC Mateship Award – Joel Baxter

AITC Valued Employer Award – Maintrade

Director of Employment and Recruitment Award – Dalton Bell

CEO’s Future Leader Award – Ryan Pollard

Award for Vocational Excellence – Monique Whiffin

Apprentice of the Year Award – James Fallon

Photos of the graduates and all of the evening’s program, including award winners, can be purchased through goldcoastphoto.com.au, password AWARDS.