The Big Truck People guide young people in work experience program

Ryan Hurley, Service Manager at Brown and Hurley—The Big Truck People, Darra


The AITC partners with exceptional and established companies to help young people explore potential careers through work experience. In Year 10, this is a crucial step towards fulfilling their requirements in their Industry Block and paves the way to success for Years 11 and 12. It also helps our young people inch further towards finding their career path and defining and demonstrating their strength of character by using the AITC values.

Young people are supported in those first steps to find work experience so they can gain confidence while finding their career footing. When they find their footing, they will be exposed to a series of life changing experiences with the ultimate aim of being signed-up as a school-based apprentice.

Ryan Hurley, Service Manager at Brown and Hurley—The Big Truck People, Darra has been with the company for 19 years. His company is an active partner with the AITC for work experience opportunities.

“Work experience is significant because most young people have just come out of school. They’re used to a school environment and we need to get them into the workforce and get them ready for it. So, a bit of practical experience is really good,” explains Ryan.

“It’s good to gauge what they’re like so that’s why we find it important to get them in and get their hands dirty and see if they enjoy it too.”

“We start them off with a lot of observing but usually servicing — we’ll get them in there with a grease gun and greasing the vehicle. AITC kids are very good at engaging with our mechanics. Our guys are always happy to have AITC work experience kids here and have the next generation coming through.”

Young people from the AITC already have some product knowledge, “so when we get them through it’s good to see them and see what they’re like. Hopefully at the end of it they will get an apprenticeship through us,” says Ryan.

Ryan and Hurley offer two specialised apprenticeships— one in an auto electrical role and the other in heavy commercial. A talented young person could be signed up to a four-year Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology or Electrical Technology.

To achieve an apprenticeship Ryan says the company “will favour someone” who “shows enthusiasm and commits themselves 100% to the person they’re working with.”

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