Finish senior school & start your apprenticeship!

Engage in a flexible, dynamic, innovative and interactive senior school program while beginning work as a first year apprentice.

Studying at the AITC will lead to completion of your Queensland Certificate of Education. Begin your apprenticeship with a variety of trades – the AITC offers an extensive variety of pathways for young people who want to start their career.

Having identified your career of choice you will be extensively trained in a variety of skills sets to prepare you in your pursuit of an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Capitalising on these skills you will enter a structured work experience with a host of employers to demonstrate your capacity and commitment to gaining employment. Having stood out from the crowd and proving your value, you will enter into an apprenticeship or traineeship with your employer and begin to earn money as a first year apprentice or trainee.

There are over 600 apprenticeships and traineeships you can choose from!

Click here to see an A-Z list of Apprenticeships.

Click here to see an A-Z list of Traineeships

Enrolment Process

AITC has a three step enrolment process that ensures new students are a perfect fit for our curriculum and school. The process includes:

  • Complete an application click here
  • Submit the required documents as outlined by the College
  • Participate in a Selection Process which includes teamwork and leadership activities, literacy and numeracy screening and where required, a personal interview.

Prospective students