The project you can do with your eyes closed

If you have ever lived with a teenager, you will most likely know they have a very unique relationship with sleep. Dareen Kavanagh at the Sunshine Coast campus recently assigned students a numeracy project with a focus on the effect that sleep quality and quantity have on teenagers. Teachers at the AITC, like Dareen, are always...

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Computers for the community

Gold Coast young people Miles and Mason have been hard at work this past week, building over 45 computers for Substation33. Substation33 is a YFS social enterprise that opened its doors in 2013 as an electronic waste recycling centre. More recently, Substation33 has started an Innovation Lab, providing an opportunity for upcycling and e-waste diversion...

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The AITC Greenhouse Challenge

"Not all learning is confined to the four walls of a classroom," says Regional Operations Officer (Gold Coast and Redlands) Nathan Reynolds. "This term, our Gold Coast Literacy and Science team leaders combined science understanding and project proposal planning literacy skills into a First Colonies on Mars project. Young people are required to plan, prepare, and construct a geodesic dome...

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