Will impresses during his work experience

Gold Coast student Will Briese enrolled at the College in Year 10, at which time he expressed an interest in pursuing an apprenticeship in auto mechanics. After a short time at the AITC, Will became interested in plumbing, and has now completed over 800 hours of work experience with nine different plumbing companies.

Will received positive feedback from every company he worked with, with Employers consistently saying he has a great attitude on site, is a great listener and stays focussed and on track when completing tasks. They also said Will was unlike other young people they had interacted with, as he did not get distracted by his phone, instead engaging with the team and completing the tasks he was given.

“While Will continued to get fantastic feedback from his work experience, unfortunately the companies were not ready to employ an apprentice at the time he was working for them. When Brock from Plumbpros contacted the AITC, Industry Consultant Divina Quinn discussed their needs and what they were looking for in a potential apprentice. Brock wanted to give several AITC students a trial run before employing their next apprentice.

“Four young people from the AITC completed a few weeks of work experience with Plumbpros, and Will really stood to them. After all four students had completed their time working, Brock contacted me again and said he would love to sign Will up as an apprentice,” said AITC Industry Consultant Divina Quin.

“We are very proud of Will for maintaining his excellent attitude and interest in the trade, for showing up to each work placement consistently and role-modelling the values of the college, and for not giving up when the going got tough and the amount of unpaid work hours continuously accumulated,” said Divina.

Well done, Will!