Future frontline workers

Toowoomba students Lachlan and Oliver were surprised to see each other at an Information Session for the AITC prior to the campus opening in July 2019. They knew each other from their previous school, and are now good mates at the College. They are both student leaders, and are completing their Certificate III in Health Services together, with plans to work in the health sector upon graduation.

“When I graduate in 2021, I am planning to work in aged care or in a hospital,” says Oliver. “I have wanted to be a nurse ever since I watched Scrubs as a kid. When I finish the qualification, I’ll have a lot of the foundational knowledge required to complete a Nursing degree at uni, and become a Registered Nurse.”

Lachlan’s goal is to pursue paramedicine. “When I graduate, I want to work in a hospital, then I’m planning to go to uni. Because Griffith recognises the Certificate III, I am planning to go there and complete a degree in Paramedicine. Griffith is a good place to study if you are looking to get into the health industry.”

The two students didn’t know each other were planning on enrolling at the AITC in 2019, but had a similar reason for wanting to move away from the traditional schooling model. “Mainstream schooling wasn’t for me,” says Oliver. “The AITC is strict but fair, and I like being in a smaller class where we get a lot more one-on-one time with teachers if we need it. In traditional schools, they give you some tools for real life, but they don’t teach you how to use them. The AITC actually preps you for the workplace.”

“I like that the AITC is very similar to a workplace,” says Lachlan. “We don’t call teachers Mr or Mrs, we call them by their first names. It’s more like real life. At the AITC, we have so many options to pursue. No matter which industry we want to work in, the industry consultants will help us. It’s a very professional environment.”

Lachlan and Oliver are two examples of young people who live the AITC values, making them both excellent student leaders. “I think we were chosen as leaders because we live the AITC values, especially when we work in teams,” says Lachlan. “I think work ethic has something to do with it as well,” says Oliver, “because of our TAFE program, we do have a lot of work, and we are able to keep on top of it.”

The AITC Bring a Mate program not only provides you and your referral with a $50 EFTPOS card, but also means your young person can start at a new school with a mate. Changing schools can be difficult, but if Lachlan and Oliver are anything to go by, starting with a mate can support your young person in excelling at the AITC. After all, we are the company we keep!