Young People build garden beds for YellowBridge

Toowoomba Principal David Thompson believes that one of the most important things the AITC Young People can learn is the value of giving back to the community. Recently, a group of Young People from the Toowoomba Campus donated their time to volunteer with Yellowbridge.

YellowBridge is a Toowoomba-based organisation that provides housing, disability support, and home services in the Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs regions. One service they provide is housing and support for displaced young people. The organisation owns a home that sleeps 11 young people who would otherwise be on the street, or bouncing between friends’ houses, shed, and even cubby houses. In the 2016 census, Toowoomba counted 135 displaced people under the age of 18, so an organisation like Yellowbridge is vital.

The Young People visited the house to complete some maintenance work on the home and garden. The team painted a number of raised garden beds for growing vegetables, and painted timber slats and stair rails on one of the houses. The young people living in the home will soon be able to grow produce in the garden that they can cook and eat. The AITC’s Young People also completed some other odd jobs on the property, including moving piles of firewood.

“The task gave our Young People some perspective of social issues,” said Principal David Thompson, “They realised they are in the position where they are able to give back. Even though our Year 10 students are not yet qualified in their trade, they still have the skills and ability to help others in the community. For some of the Young People, it was a real eye-opener.”

“The Young People really enjoyed their time at YellowBridge. They even asked when they could go back for another project,” said Industry Consultant Elisa Ginardi. “It gave them a sense of pride, and some perspective. For some of them, it was the first time they may have thought about homelessness or been in any contact with displaced youth.”

The team at YellowBridge were grateful for the help our Young People provided, and happy with their work. The Toowoomba Campus is planning to organise further work with Yellowbridge in the coming months and years. To find out what you can do to get involved and support Yellowbridge, visit their website.