Thinking outside the box in Maths

The AITC curriculum is unlike most other schools in Australia. Not only do students spend only five weeks each term on campus, they also complete industry-focussed assignments and activities, which differs greatly to their peers at neighbouring schools.

The Year 12 Essential Mathematics students at AITC Gold Coast are currently undertaking a task that involves them selecting a block of land, and a house design for a specific client. The young people were required to create the design, then justify and explain why their decisions will result in the best outcome for their client.

Team Leader Jacqui Phillips thought that the best way to get the students’ creative juices flowing would be to visit a display village. “We thought getting out and amongst display homes would give students the opportunity to view and discuss functionality and design on location which would ultimately assist them in making choices for their assessment,” said Jacqui. The young people recently went on an excursion to The Surrounds, a display village next to Helensvale Town Centre, where they had an opportunity to view 31 houses by ten different builders.

The houses at The Surrounds vary from budget to luxury and feature a variety of layouts, giving the young people plenty of inspiration for their assessment. “The young people spent almost an hour visiting the houses and making comparisons between the designs. The feedback was great, with many of the young people saying they saw features they would never have thought of. Many of the assessments featured designs that were inspired by the ones we saw at The Surrounds,” said Jacqui.

At the AITC, staff know the benefit of thinking outside the box when comes to lesson planning. AITC students spend up to three years at the College, where they will prepare for a career in industry. “As a Maths department, we believe that giving our students opportunities to experience industry applications of the content allows them to develop a greater understanding of the uses in the real world,” says Jacqui.

“We run excursions like this one to The Surrounds to elevate industry-based education to be a recognisable path to a reputable career. At the AITC, we focus on education beyond the four walls of a classroom,” says Gold Coast Assistant Principal Nathan Reynolds.