Students get the Navy experience

Anita Montero, Industry Consultant at the Sunshine Coast Campus, along with three of our Young People, Liam, Tom, and Zak, recently travelled to Sydney for a two day all-inclusive Navy Tech Trades Experience. The purpose for the experience was for the Young People to gain an insight into what will be involved in working as a Marine Technician or Electronics Technicians at base camp and on a ship.

The Young People had the chance to observe a range of different trades, including fitting and turning, air conditioning and refrigeration services, electrical, and data and communications trades, and many others. They  had the chance to get face-to-face with a large scale gas turbine, used to power the war ships, which uses a staggering 371 litres of fuel every minute.

Guests also had the chance to tour Garden Island, HMAS Kuttabul (base), the Navy facilities at Randwick Barracks, and HMAS Canberra, which was moored in the beautiful Sydney Harbour with a backdrop of the iconic Harbour Bridge. HMAS Canberra is huge, with a flight deck that can accommodate up to six parked helicopters at any one time. It also provided the AITC team with some spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

The tour was guided by experts in their fields, who are current serving members of the Defence Force. They shared with the Young People their experiences of serving in the Navy, and provided valuable insights into the day-to-day tasks and experiences. One of the guides was Leading Seaman Jordan, an Electronics Technician in the Navy. He is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Weapons systems, which includes guns, and missile systems.

Liam, Tom, and Zak had a fantastic experience in Sydney, and gained a lot of knowledge from Leading Seaman Jordan. The highlight of the day for the Young People was being able to use the Navy’s special training technology, where they had the chance to line up targets and fire virtual weapons.