Myles finds his place at doggie day care

AITC Sunshine Coast student Myles Graham was a bit hesitant to pursue work experience this semester. He had expressed an interest in working with animals, however, was concerned about some animal allergies he had experienced in the past. Personal Development and Fitness Coach, Melanie Snow encouraged Myles to ‘give it a go,’ and suggested some local doggy day care centres for him to call.

“Myles called and emailed the centres and received an email response back from the Doggie Adventure Playhouse,” Melanie said. “So, the next day I asked him to phone the business to follow up on the email. He phoned and told me that no one answered. I said, ‘they are probably busy, but I want you to set a timer on your phone for 20 minutes and then call them back again.’ After 20 minutes, I noticed that Myles’ timer didn’t go off. He told me that he never set the timer. I said, ‘Well, 20 minutes is up, so it’s time to call again.’ He dragged his feet a bit, but made the call. When he returned, he said, ‘they answered and they are happy to have me do work experience with them after I do a trial day!’ It was a big confidence booster for Myles.”

The Personal Development Coaches at the AITC work directly with the Young People to help them achieve specific goals and overcome obstacles to personal, mental and physical growth. These goals are not limited, and may be related to any area of personal development, including relationships, resilience, building confidence, time management skills, mental and emotional wellbeing and health and wellness. Melanie says that she “strives to make a connection with each Young Person at the College so they feel comfortable to reach out to me if and when the need arises.”

Melanie recently went to visit Myles at work experience, and said “he looked so happy and he said ‘thank you so much for telling me about this place!’ He is learning a lot about animal behaviours, how to respond to different situations and how he needs to use a firm voice and confidence with the animals. He is learning a lot about himself too. I’m just so proud of him for following through and going for what he was passionate about.” Myles now has a job at Doggie Adventure Playhouse, where he works one day each week.

At the AITC, staff understand the importance of individualised support for Young People. The staff on Campus are skilled and trained to provide students with the confidence to put themselves out there when seeking new opportunities, and the encouragement they need to excel.