Students give back at RedFest

The importance of giving back to the community is just one of the many lessons Young People at the AITC will learn during their time at College. Last week, a group of Redlands Young People volunteered to help set up the RedFest Strawberry Festival in the local area.

The AITC strives to not only educate Young People, but shape them into future Industry leaders. There is more to being a leader than having technical skills, and the AITC has a mission to shape and support the Young People in many facets of their lives. The AITC makes a conscious effort to give back to the local community as well as overseas, for example, the International Service Project.

Studies have shown that young people are increasingly interested in volunteering in their community, as it provides them with a network of friends outside their usual groups. Other studies suggest that young people who volunteer are more likely to do so again later in life, or continue volunteer work throughout their lives.

The AITC prides itself on running a values-based curriculum, something that was grounded in feedback from employers in Industry. Employers are looking to employ young people who have completed a strong values-based education. Along with the seven College values, respect, pride, courage, honesty, mateship, hard work, and safety, the AITC has a strong focus on community and giving back in the local area.

AITC staff consistently receive feedback from the Young People following their work in the local community. The Young People enjoy and get considerable value from working in the community, and often the Young People ask when they can volunteer again.

Volunteering and working in the community is not limited to the Redlands campus. The Toowoomba Young People recently completed some work for YellowBridge, a local organisation who support displaced youth in the Toowoomba region. The Young People completed some odd jobs and painting for YellowBridge, and are keen to return to volunteer again in the future.