Liam’s bench project

Ipswich student Liam didn’t waste any time while Learning From Home during the COVID-19 pandemic, upskilling himself in carpentry. While Liam was cooking on his family barbeque one evening, he suggested that the space would be more accessible with a built-in bench, rather than the foldaway stand and patio table they currently used. “The next day, we were buying wood and he was learning how to make a bench,” said his mum Bernadette.

Liam showed great initiative by teaching himself how to build a bench, and his family is very pleased with the result. “The bench is fabulous!” said Bernadette.”[It] was his very first attempt. He learned as he went along. We have used the barbeque nearly every night since it was made.”

The bench isn’t the only practical project Liam worked on over the Learning From Home period, with the keen tradie also refurbishing a steel tray to replace the old canopy on his ute.

Liam embodies the work ethic and drive that is encouraged at the AITC; he wasn’t afraid to try something new and it paid off!

While he enjoyed most aspects of the AITC Learning From Home program, Liam was glad to return to the North Ipswich campus in March. Bernadette said it “just wasn’t the same as being on campus.”

The AITC Ipswich campus first opened its doors to students in January this year, facing an unconventional first semester amidst COVID-19 restrictions and industry shutdowns. The campus quickly adapted to the extraordinary circumstances, and Years 10 and 11 young people are now back on campus adjusting to their new normal.

With students like Liam, AITC Ipswich has a bright future.