Learning and working in outback Australia

Learning From Home looked pretty different for Year 10 student Joe Anderson, who signed into roll call each morning more than 800kms away from the AITC Toowoomba campus. Joe spent the five-week block in outback Central Queensland, completing his online school work and working on his family’s farm in Clermont, a 12-hour drive from the range.

Despite the distance, the budding mechanic felt connected to his classmates and teachers. “The feedback I received from Joe’s mum Cynthia during the program was great,” said Industry Consultant Chris McEwan. “She said that we had done a great job getting the Learning From Home program up and running. She said Joe was enjoying the morning roll call and information catch-up each day as it kept him in touch with the College.”

Completing his school work wasn’t Joe’s only responsibility while out bush, putting in hours of work with his dad on the farm. “The flexibility of the Learning From Home program gave Joe the opportunity to complete his online learning as well as assist his father around the farm with various tasks,” said Chris. “Joe would get up early and get his school tasks completed, then head off to assist around the farm for a few hours, then return in the afternoon to spend a bit more time on school work.”

“When Joe returned to the campus, he was awarded one of our emerging leader roles,” said Chris “Joe is a very hard worker with so much leadership potential. He represents our AITC values and consistently has a happy outlook on life. He is a great person to be around.”

Joe is enjoying being back at the College with his classmates and is looking forward to a bit more normality for the rest of the year. His goal is to pursue a career in a mechanical field as he is especially interested in the restoration of old vehicles.

From Clermont to Toowoomba, we look forward to seeing where Joe’s future takes him.