Learning From Home a Great Success!

Staff at the Australian Industry Trade College have been calling every family of our current young people to ensure they know what to expect from the Learning From Home program, and to offer support where it is needed. Katie Kelly, Customer Experience Officer at the Gold Coast campus received fantastic feedback from a parent on Day 2 of term. The woman she spoke to has two children, her son attends the AITC, and her daughter goes to a traditional school.

“She said her son is enjoying the Learning From Home content the AITC is producing, and has been enjoying working in groups with the other young people in his class,” said Katie. ” She felt the content is still very engaging and interesting. She said comparing her two children’s experiences is like comparing chalk and cheese, as her daughter is not enjoying her Learning From Home content.

“She was very grateful that we have produced an engaging and interactive online Learning From Home program, as she was concerned that her son might have some trouble concentrating on the content.”

The AITC spent the weeks before Term 2 developing online learning content that would fulfil the industry-focussed education model it was built on. Young people at the AITC enrolled for a unique education and industry curriculum, and the College is committed to delivering it, even through the uncertain times we are facing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The College has never been a traditional school, and staff and leaders were determined to deliver an online curriculum that outshone the rest. The program is interactive, industry-focussed, and captures many of the extra activities and programs incorporated into the unique curriculum AITC students enrolled for.

The College is offering the Learning From Home program to all students, however the option to attend campus each day is also available to children of essential workers, and young people who require a campus environment and facilities. Staff and young people on campus at the College are practicing social distancing.