Leaders’ colourful coordination

Now that’s a shirt! AITC CEO Mark Hands and Education Quality and Compliance Manager Toni Banfield are twinning for a cause. Their shirts are from the Aussie mental health advocacy organisation TradeMutt.

The shirts are designed to start a conversation about mental health, and are often worn by various members of the AITC community. The AITC has a strong focus on safety, which includes not only safety in the workplace and on campus, but also supporting good mental health and wellbeing for AITC staff and young people.

TradeMutt was founded by two carpenters who met on the jobsite. One of the two, Dan, was impacted by suicide when one of his best mates took their own life. Following this, Dan and his business partner Ed became passionate about starting conversations on mental health, particularly among men, and founded the workwear brand TradeMutt.

The AITC places importance on supporting one another through tough times and mental health battles, and places a strong focus on the value of mateship. The AITC team knows that values are more than just words, and need to be lived and not just spoken. The College supports young people with Personal Industry Coaches and having special guests attend the College to talk about mental health.

Wearing a uniform or coordinating clothing is more than simply matching a colleague. These TradeMutt shirts stand for something that the College community is extremely passionate about: mental health and wellbeing. It shows AITC leaders, like Mark and Toni, are deeply involved with young people at the College and know the value of walking the walk as well as talking the talk. And you certainly won’t lose them in a crowd!