A job weld done

Most young people at the AITC get signed up to school-based apprenticeships and traineeships in Years 11 and 12, after completing up to two years of work experience placements. The AITC provides young people with the opportunity to try their hand at a handful of different trades if they are not sure which career to pursue, and many will trial multiple industries.

Jack Bowley is one of only nine Year 10s across the five AITC campuses who is signed up into an apprenticeship. He entered the College with a clear goal and vision, and the Redlands industry team report that he is quite mechanically advanced for his age. Prior to enrolling at the College, Jack purchased his own welder and learned how to use it to complete some projects at home. It’s not often you meet a 16 year old with his own piece of fabrication equipment!

Jack secured his first work placement at Accurate Welding Works after completing the AITC Rookies induction program, which includes safety training and employability skills. Jack’s love for working with his hands and exceptional mechanical mind put him in a position where he loved the job and the employer loved him. Jack absolutely wowed his employer Jon with his willingness to work hard and his outstanding punctuality. Jon immediately saw Jack’s skill and potential, and signed him up into a boiler making apprenticeship.

Jack’s speedy sign up is a testament to his skill and positive attitude on the job site. Jack is not alone, as many AITC young people will be offered an apprenticeship quickly, which is a reflection of their individual hard work and the technical intelligence of young people at the College. The AITC strives to prepare young people to excel in work placements, which results in a win-win situation for young people and employers.

The AITC has showed no sign of slowing down its industry outcomes in 2020, with employability metrics being recently introduced to hone the young people’s soft skills prior to entering industry. In the current economic climate, positions are harder to come by for all Australians, but the AITC focusses on preparing and supporting young people in becoming tradespeople that employers can rely on. Jack Bowley has proven himself to be one of those people.