Helping to build young people into industry-ready professionals

The AITC is committed to enriching and deepening the learning of our young people in industry. This includes programs like ‘Build a Wall’ for Year 10 students, which helps them gain an understanding and knowledge surrounding construction processes. The program directly relates to trades and provides an insight into business quotations, real life risk assessments and construction requirements.  

AITC Industry Consultant, Todd Firth, heard about the concept of ‘build a wall’ and thought it would be a great project for the AITC. “By improving the skills in our young people, the project helps them enormously before heading out to Industry in Year 10,” explains Todd. “I saw its potential and connect-ability to our Rookies Camp learning outcomes.” 

Our young people love the project and learn a lot from it. “It also gives us the opportunity to coach, mentor, build confidence, skills and work closely with young people in small teams. It helps gain an understanding of their journey and where they want to go and what motivates them.” ?The feedback is always positive from everyone regardless of what industry pathway they want to pursue.  

‘Build a Wall’ has since been renovated into ‘Build A Room’ by providing a comprehensive risk assessment exercise, along with a building quotation exercise. This includes adding plumbing, electrical conduit work, stud timber framing, plastering and painting and even a hung door — if there is time to fit it.? 

The risk assessment, quotation and build of the room lasts roughly one week in total. The learning throughout the week is immense for a young person who has never considered a group of projects like this before. When risk assessing and quoting the project, Year 10’s have their learning from Rookies Camp reinforced and need to think like a builder. Pricing products, hourly rates, tax, personal protective equipment (PPE), risks, site management and many other things become areas of learning during these times.  

After this, they need to work closely with one another in small teams to build the room. This requires an emphasis on safety, patience and focus. There are many coaching, community, mentoring, failure forward and succeeding moments as the project progresses.?”The excitement and sense of achievement after finishing the project is amazing to see and be a part of,” says Todd. 

“This project improves our young people’s employability, hand tool skills and industry knowledge. It is scalable to every campus and group and improves the standard of our young people across the organisation.” 


  • Self-awareness.  
  • Identifying risks and hazards, understanding young worker risk profiles, effective communication.  
  • Understanding the hierarchy of controls, employer responsibilities, worker responsibilities.  
  • Understanding manual handling, applying manual handling techniques.  
  • Beliefs, thoughts and actions.  
  •  Understanding risk assessments. 


  • To become proficient at using all hand tools associated with this project, equipping young people for their future pathways.  
  • Gain understanding and knowledge surrounding construction processes, related trades and insight into business quotations, real life risk assessments and construction requirements.  
  • Experience an assimilation of theoretical and practical skills through the multi-task project.  

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