Happy World Teachers’ Day

There are only three ways we can learn in this life,” says Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) CEO Mark Hands. “The first one is to experience something. The second way is to read about it. The third is to have a teacher.”

Friday 30 October marks World Teachers’ Day, a day to celebrate teachers all over the world. At the AITC, we are celebrating our industry educators – Team Leaders (teachers), Assistant Team Leaders, Personal Industry Coaches and education administrators – for supporting young people to develop into future industry leaders. “We make a profession out of taking young people and teaching them not just knowledge, but we actually teach them and transition them into the real world through apprenticeships and employment,” says Mark.

According to College young people, the difference between AITC Team Leaders and teachers at traditional schools is apparent. Dakota, who is in Year 12 at Redlands, says that she felt teachers at her previous school “were only interested in teaching their unit and moving on”.

“At this school, the teachers are interested. They want to see you grow, they want to see you change. They actually shake your hand and look you in the eye, that’s something I wasn’t used to.

“I’ve gained so much confidence now. It’s so different to what I was used to. Before I came, I wouldn’t even want to talk to a teacher, I’d be scared. The teachers here want to get to know you and see how you are. They check up on you all the time.”

Dakota’s classmate, Brock echoes her sentiments: “Teachers here actually want to help you if you’re having trouble. The program is more flexible, and teachers will say we are welcome to stay back if we need to. I know the teachers here actually care,” says Brock. “I actually look forward to coming back to school after the holidays.”

“The team leaders actually congratulate you, even for the little things. One day when I was staying back, I saw all the staff celebrating one of the other students being signed-up to an apprenticeship. They were all just so supportive of him,” says Brock.

“When I felt like I didn’t have a goal, the staff were really supportive. When I was thinking about changing into a different trade, they were all keen to make calls to connections they had and help me,” says Dakota. “The team leaders want you to be you.”

The AITC recognises and appreciates our industry educators for the impact they have on our young people, through practical learning, motivation, care and belief. To learn more about World Teachers’ Day, head to the World Teachers’ Day website and don’t forget to thank a teacher!