Our first Skype sign up

Year 11 AITC Toowoomba student Annabelle Currie will go down in history as being our first student to complete her sign up via Skype when she was recently offered a school-based apprenticeship in mechanical engineering with Vettiger Vidler Engineering in Toowoomba.

The staff at AITC Toowoomba all agree the apprenticeship was very well deserved, as Annabelle has been a stand out in the Toowoomba Campus community with her commitment during both Education and Industry blocks.

This year, AITC Toowoomba has seen four sign ups for Year 11 students, including Annabelle in her mechanical engineering role, Connor, who was signed into a baking/pastry chef apprenticeship, Riley who began his plumbing certification, and Connor, who has started in the automotive industry. To be signed early in year 11 is an outstanding achievement, as it is a reflection of how each young person has impressed their employer with their maturity, workplace skills, and commitment to the job at a very young age.

AITC Toowoomba opened its doors to Year 10 students less than one year ago, in June of 2019. The Year 10 cohort have moved into Year 11 this year and the campus has expanded in numbers and campus size, now occupying a second floor in the building on the corner of Russell and Neil Streets. The 2020 cohort of Year 10 students completed the Rookies Program during Term 1 and have now commenced the traditional AITC curriculum, alternating five week education and five week industry blocks each term, which it is currently being delivered in a non-traditional Learning From Home (LFH) method due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We are looking forward to seeing more outcomes from the Toowoomba campus in the coming months.