Cooking up a storm for the community

AITC Redlands and Cleveland-based engineering firm Shine Precision hosted a barbeque breakfast for businesses in the Redlands region. Young people manned the barbeque on a chilly Friday morning to provide local businesses with a free breakfast burger and drink, and College education and industry staff were on deck to answer questions and speak to local industry leaders about the benefits of hiring an AITC apprentice. In addition to hosting the barbeque, the team at Shine have been great supporters of the College’s industry education curriculum.

Shine leaders Ian and Mike are future-focussed and entrepreneurial in their thinking. The team at Shine assisted Redlands young person Sullivan Hebel in building his game box, one of the projects the College launched during the Learning From Home period, using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing.

The team at Shine has been a vocal supporter of the AITC’s unique industry curriculum, saying that learning should reflect the needs of industry. Shine has even built a classroom where some of the Redlands young people can complete their College work while in an industry environment, an activity that has been shown to motivate young people in completing work they may struggle with at times.

Shine Precision has been an incredibly supportive employer of the College, with 30 young people having completed work experience with the business. Three young people from the Redlands campus have been accepted as school-based apprentices with Shine, and young people all rave about completing work experience there, due to Shine’s commitment to coaching.