Bray Warry wins Plumbing and Gas Industry Award

Bray Warry is a Third Year (Year Twelve) student at the Australian Industry Trade College in Robina. He is completing a school-based apprenticeship in Plumbing with EEP Plumbing on the Gold Coast. Bray was recently awarded the School-Based Apprentice of the Year at the Plumbing and Gas Industry Awards. Bray wasn’t expecting to win the award on the night. If fact, he says “I was very nervous when they said my name. I was a bit scared to stand on stage.

“I gave a little speech, but I didn’t really know what to say. It was pretty short. I can’t remember the question they asked me, I was pretty zoned out. I was really nervous, but I think I thanked a few people.” Bray was proud to have won the School-Based Apprentice Award, saying “it felt pretty good to be recognised as a young apprentice. You don’t really see many young people being recognised, it usually just happens when you get a job.”

Bray started at the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) half-way through Year 10, saying “I wasn’t doing too well at my old school, and I just wanted to get ahead on work. I sort of wanted to drop out and do some kind of trade. I was glad to find a trade school, and I wanted to get my QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education), so [the AITC] was the best option.”

Bray has not yet made many plans for beyond graduation, saying he will “start thinking about it soon,” but at the AITC, young people graduate with a career path, with approximately 90% of students being signed up for full-time employment before their final day of high school.

Bray explains how his path will look beyond graduation. “I’ll move into a full time apprenticeship, I’d like to keep working for the same company, and I’ll finish my TAFE course.” Bray’s apprenticeship will take four years, after which time he will be fully qualified.

Aside from the ability to complete his QCE and apprenticeship at the same time, Bray’s favourite part of attending the AITC is the Industry block, where students work for seven weeks in their chosen trade. “[I enjoy] the break from school, where we go out and work. It’s good to have a break, and to be able to earn some money.”

Congratulations to Bray for receiving the Plumbing and Gas Industry Award. The award speaks to his dedication to his apprenticeship with EEP Plumbing and his focus on completing his qualification and high school education. Well done, Bray!

Congratulations to AITC Redlands student Greg McIntyre-Lilley and AITC Robina student Daniel Hughes, who were runners-up for the School-Based Apprentice of the Year award.