Boat collar work, white collar thinking

At the Australian Industry Trade College, there are more trades on offer than the well-known construction, hair dressing, hospitality, and electrical. Jack Yule, AITC Sunshine Coast student spent some time completing work experience with Kapten Boat Collar, a business in Nambour that builds collars for boats that make them more safe and stable on the water. “Jack is loving working at Kapten Boat Collar. He is an avid fisherman and boating enthusiast himself, and first learned about the business through his dad who got a collar fitted for his own boat by Pat,” says Industry Consultant Anita Montero.

While at work experience, Jack was put to work cutting, shaping and rounding materials for the boat collars, working with the team to create kits that customers will take home to fit on their boats. Jack was fortunate to work alongside Kapten’s owner and founder Pat Jones during his work experience. Kapten Boat Collar was founded by Pat in 2009 when his boat almost capsized while out on the water. His creation is innovative, new, and vastly increases the safety of taking a fishing or boat trip.

The AITC prides itself on being innovative, having been the first school of its kind in Australia. CEO Mark Hands says the AITC is built on ‘blue collar work with white collar thinking.’ Kapten Boat Collar is a business built on a similar philosophy, with the founder creating something that solves problems in the market, and increases the safety of those who own or use a boat.

The AITC is proud to be able to partner up with businesses like Kapten Boat Collar to provide young people with meaningful and exciting work experience opportunities and apprenticeships. Jack had an enjoyable and valuable experience while on the job. “Pat has said Jack communicated very well, and is an intelligent young man with a bright future,” says Anita. Well done, Jack!