Award winning graduate finds her way into the field of forensics

Like many young people in their senior years of school, Neisha Luck started at the AITC not knowing what career path she wanted. Trying more than 12 different trades, the self-confessed maths nerd wanted to get a good feel for what she really liked. While at the AITC she won several prestigious awards, excelled at her studies, and was known for her incredible work ethic. Due to her hard work, Neisha was offered two different traineeships and began working in the field of finance. Since graduating in 2020, she chose a path at university into the intriguing world of criminology and forensics.

As one of the first AITC Sunshine Coast campus starters in 2018, Neisha “was done” with mainstream school. “I didn’t think I would go to Uni. It was absolutely nerve wrecking because the AITC was new to me and it was a gamble.”

She admits if she hadn’t come to the AITC she wouldn’t have gone too far in life. “I was running with the flow, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.”

Finally making headway, Neisha found the College to be different “where everything works perfectly. I’m a hands-on learner and everything is hands-on at the AITC.”

Neisha worked on the process of elimination with career prospects. “I tried everything from baking to optical dispensary, veterinary nursing, screen printing, everything you can think of I tried it all,” laughs Neisha. “I wanted to feel happy going to work every day. I hated the idea of not enjoying work.”

While looking for that perfect career Neisha achieved excellent academic results and received several awards. These included Trainee of the Year for Amalgamated Industries, the Principal’s Award and the Academic Excellence Award in Mathematics. She also received Australia’s most prestigious secondary school accolade — the Caltex Best All Rounder Award. The award celebrates Year 12 students who excel in their studies, possess leadership qualities, have the right attitude and play a positive role in their community.

With her many academic successes, and aptitude for math, Neisha found work in the finance department at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC). “When I started in finance it was something that made sense to me and clicked in my head compared to everything else – it just fit.

“The environment I was working in, the people I worked with — I enjoyed every second of it and they were keen to sign me on straight away.”

Working in an 18-month contract, “I gained so many learning experiences through my position in finance but my absolute main takeaway was team work. The team I was working in was absolutely amazing and you could tell they were experienced professionals.”

Currently Neisha works at the USC Library on weekends while studying a double degree with criminology/forensics and psychology at USC. “I have always been interested in criminology. I am the sort of person who listens to true crime podcasts and documentaries while doing everyday activities like cooking. Everyone thinks I’m weird but truly it just fascinates me.”

While working on her degree Neisha believes the AITC values have made a huge impact on life, university and at work. “The AITC values made me open my eyes and realise how much they match with everyday life! Always having them in the back of my head while going on in life has helped me with more opportunities. The value of courage always stuck with me. It made me look at myself in the mirror and face whatever was going on in my life.”

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