Automotive rises to fourth most-needed trade

The need for automotive tradespeople has risen to the fourth most-needed role in Australia, Seek has reported. The previous report, published in February, listed automotive as the seventh most-needed job in the nation. It is no surprise that the list has changed since February, with the disruption the pandemic has brought to the job market.

In the past months, the AITC has seen a number of sign-ups in the automotive industries despite economic uncertainty. Annie Woodward from the Redlands campus secured an apprenticeship as a panel beater with local business Autobody Therapy. Annie is set to graduate at the end of the year, after which time she will commence full-time work.

Anthony Razmovski is set to follow a similar path in 2021, having commenced an apprenticeship in automotive mechanics on the Gold Coast in September. Anthony secured his apprenticeship in Year 11, and will continue to work for approximately six months of the year until his graduation in 2021, after which time he will commence full-time work.

The AITC supports young people wishing to pursue any career path, however industry trends and skills shortages are taken into consideration when young people enter the College. “We want to find viable and lasting employment for our young people,” says Regional Industry Officer, Brad Pinch.

“The types of jobs available often depend on the location and community needs, which vary from campus to campus. For example, we might have a number of young people wishing to complete marine-focussed trades at the Gold Coast, Redlands, and Sunshine Coast campuses, which is very viable. Young people at Ipswich and Toowoomba campuses of course will have less options for such trades,” says Brad.

Other jobs listed in the top most needed include aged and disability support, ranking as the third most-needed, and childcare, reaching number eight on the list. If your young person is considering a future in industry, it could be wise to consult the list of Australia’s 20 most-needed jobs prior to undertaking training and seeking an apprenticeship or traineeship.