AITC teachers want you to be you

Redlands students Dakota and Brock say AITC teachers care about the individual wellbeing and learning styles of each student – something they didn’t experience at their traditional schools.

“When I felt like I didn’t have a goal, the staff were really supportive. When I was thinking about changing into a different trade, they were all keen to make calls to connections they had and help me,” says Year 11 student Dakota.

“The teachers actually congratulate you – even for little things. The other day I was staying back, and I saw all the staff celebrating one of the kids being signed up [to an apprenticeship]. They were all just so supportive of him,” says Year 11 student Brock.

Dakota and Brock felt like they were ‘just a number’ at their previous schools, with Dakota saying she felt teachers “were only interested in teaching their unit and moving on.” “My parents have said ‘we’re so proud of you,’” “I’ve been doing so much better here than at my old school,” says Brock. Both students have excelled with the individualised support and teaching styles they are receiving at the AITC.

“At this school, the teachers are interested. They want to see you grow, they want to see you change. They actually shake your hand and look you in the eye, that’s something I wasn’t used to. When I first came here, and met with the principal, I didn’t even know how to shake a hand. I’ve gained so much confidence now. It’s so different to what I was used to. Before I came, I wouldn’t even want to talk to a teacher, I’d be scared. The teachers here want to get to know you, and see how you are. They check up on you all the time.”

“They actually want to help you if you’re having trouble. [The curriculum] is more flexible, teachers will say we are welcome to stay back if we need to. I know the teachers here actually care,” says Brock. “I was actually looking forward to coming back after the holidays.”

Dakota and Brock have both gained more independence since moving to the AITC from their previous schools. The AITC encourages young people to take initiative in finding work experience and apprenticeships. “You have to do things yourself, your mum can’t be by your side. When you’re looking for a job, you have to make those calls – your mum can’t do them for you. I’ve definitely become more independent”

Wellbeing of young people at the College is a top priority for staff at the AITC. Team Leaders (teachers) and other staff know the importance of individualised support for each young person, and how vital it is to encourage independence and individuality of each student.

“The teachers want you to be you,” say Brock and Dakota.