AITC Rookies impress at Emu Gully

Before commencing at the Australian Industry Trade College, every new student will attend the Rookies’ Camp at Emu Gully. This year saw new starters from all five AITC campuses attend the camp before commencing Semester 1. Students from Gold Coast, Ipswich, Redlands, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba travelled to Emu Gully in the Lockyer Valley to attend the camp.

Rookies’ Camp is an integral part of the AITC induction program, where young people are put through a number of challenges that require mateship and hard work, and involve plenty of mud. Young people from every campus impressed AITC staff with the way they worked together to complete challenges, and pushed through in the stifling heat.

Challenges at the camp range from physically difficult to strategic, and always require a great deal of teamwork and communication within the group to complete. The Emu Gully program is based on the values of the ANZAC, and many have themes inspired by scenes and challenges the ANZACs faced in Gallipoli.

The transformation that AITC staff see in the young people over the short period that is Rookies’ Camp is incredible. The young people go from never having met each other, to being a cohesive team that supports one another, communicates, and overcomes obstacles.

While Rookies’ Camp is a lot of fun, it is also a learning experience for the young people about to embark on their journey at the AITC. Rookies’ Camp has a strong focus on the seven AITC values, safety, hard work, mateship, pride, respect, courage, and honesty. The camp introduces the AITC Rookies to the values and how they will come into practice in their AITC journey and beyond.

When CEO Mark Hands was conducting research before opening the AITC in 2008, he spoke to over 100 industry leaders to find out what they look for in apprentices. The industry leaders expressed the importance of a values-based education, which influenced the AITC curriculum and is still a pivotal part of the AITC today.

Alums from the AITC still talk about the values they learned at the College, and how often they come into play in their careers. The AITC values are not just words thrown about on campus, they are integrated into the education and industry curriculum, and lived every day by AITC staff and young people.