AITC Connect Day 2019

All staff at the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) recently gathered together in Brisbane to celebrate all recent achievements, learn more about the College’s history, and socialise as a team. The day began with a speech from the AITC’s CEO Mark Hands, who spoke about the importance of ‘walking the walk’ instead of just ‘talking the talk,’ and the purpose of the College. “Our purpose is to not only create apprentices, it is to create leaders,” Mark said. Staff then heard from Jennifer Silver, who founded the AITC after identifying what she calls the ‘black hole’ where some 70% of graduates may end up after finishing high school.

The Connect Day was well-timed, having shortly followed the announcement that the AITC will be opening the doors of a Campus in Ipswich in January of 2020, after opening the Toowoomba Campus in July 2019. This brings the College system to a total of five Campuses in South East Queensland. Staff enjoyed the chance to celebrate this achievement as well as look forward to the future, with a goal of seventeen Campuses by 2028.

Connect Day also provided the opportunity for new and existing staff to meet and catch up. With two new Campuses being opened within one year, the AITC team has grown massively in recent months. With staff now working across six locations, the opportunity to catch up as one large team was appreciated.

The stars of the day were two AITC alums, Nathan and Daniel, who graduated from the College some ten years ago. Nathan and Daniel shared stories of their incredible achievements since graduating from the AITC, and the paths attending the College opened for them. Nathan and Daniel met when they enrolled in the College, both perusing careers in Carpentry. They are still friends today, having travelled together, and even lived together on the Sunshine Coast for a time.

Staff all reported highly enjoying Connect Day 2019, and had fun celebrating together as well as hearing from Jennifer Silver, CEO Mark Hands, and Nathan and Daniel. The team is stronger and larger than ever, and ready to face the exciting task of expanding to a massive seventeen Campuses over the coming eight years.